G 13 first grow

Does anyone have any experience and or tips to grow this strain
Just put 2 germinated seeds in soil.


Very bushy, grows tons of fan leaves, if it’s a photo period type I would suggest topping and scrogging to allow ample space for flowering. Very nitrogen, and calcium hungry at beginning. Very (more than normal) phosphorus hungry mid way through flower. Wet trim rather than dry trim when done(very,very leafy)


These are auto flower.
Will be growing in soil
Thanks a lot for the info. I’m still a newbie with autos.
Wish me luck

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Once they break soil.
Will leave in east facing window seal for 5 days.
Then moved to growing space.
Already have 2 Granddaddy Purples almost into budding.stage.
Running 20/4.
Seedlings set at 3 foot to side from light. (MarsHydro 1000)
Then moved into light over next week.
Setting soil at 6.5 ph
I got the plan.
Now to just implement

Can’t post bud porn if you don’t get it growing
We need bud porn!

Good luck with your grow


I’m sorry I will do better.
I do have porn of the GDP.

Mmmm looks good!

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I can legally have 4 plants so starting 2 every 6 weeks.
Been growing GDP’s at 6 week intervals.
Here is grandma. So hopefully the G13s will be up by time grandma goes down

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Day 1 of G13

6 days old
Moved into light area yesterday.
Moved into forever home today.
Set closer to light.
Betty and Bonnie my babies :sunglasses:

Quick update on Bonnie and Betty.
Day 14
Bonnie looking good.
Betty has some cyclops going on :upside_down_face:
But feeding little heavy on Nitrogen

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Bonnie and Betty update

Here is my G 13 Buds. Can’t wait :stuck_out_tongue:


Here are the final pics of G13 grow.
Thanks to @LearnasUgrow and @Mr_Wormwood.
Love this strain


Very pretty

Bud porn
Thanks bud dy :woozy_face:

Looking good, have you chopped her down yet or are you letting it go for another week or so? And thanks for the shout out!!!

Bonnie must have had trauma when I moved from attic and started budding quick. Some of her buds were ready to pick. Left small buds on plant to finish budding. They almost ready
Betty surprised me. She had very slow start due to deformity but the two limbs that grew are 3 ft tall and getting very close to picking.
I really appreciate your help.

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are these autos or photos?

i have an auto g13 that is 6 weeks into flower and has been wonderful to grow. very easy

edit nevermind. read the top post. autos!!

Yes love this strain.
Definitely takes a different nutrients mix than the GDP’s .
@LearnasUgrow gave me some great insight into what to expect and what nutrients they like. Would have had better quantity if Bonnie hadn’t had stress induced budding. It only vegged for about 4 weeks.
All my fault. Moved grow to different area. And may have caused the stress on the one. Other didn’t mind the move.

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