FYI: Stung by Bee last week, and a Hornet yesterday


I am deadly allergic to hornet stings. I am in moderate shape and my right arm is 2wice the size as the left.
doing all I can to be active, but it is better to stay completely calm and let the toxins dissipate.

I will be around to support on and off of the next few days. If I disappear for a couple; I am at hospital.

You all have a great weekend. Peace


Oh dear, I wish you well! I, too, am deathly allergic to wasp and hornet stings. My last incident was a minor hornet sting on my fingertip which left me fish flopping on the ground (seizures). My tongue swelled and cut off my airway. I hadn’t taken a breath for nearly 5 minutes when the EMT’s arrived. I was administered 5 shots of epinephrine on the way to the hospital before I began to respond to it. I feel your pain brother. Get well soon!


Geeze Latwood! You gotta be more careful. If it isn’t one thing it seems like it is another, lol. Hope you get better soon.


That is how I found out about the fact that roxins from bee, wasp, hornet stings store in your fatty tissue. You might get stung 10 times, and have no ill effects; But, then you go over the limit of what your body can take.

I( was on the floor of my shop for 10 minutes and licky for me the local EMT’s got their and IV’s, fluids, and gave me Epi-, also benadryl once I got in ambulance.

So; Yeah, I know what you mean. Then difference was; I didn’t “flop[ around” lol Thanks.


get better man sorry to hear that


WoW!! hope you’ll be ok there Lakewood that’s got’s suck big time.
You take care of that arm.
My insurance co. Gave me a " LIFE ALERT " the cops have been to the house 3 time…hell the third time I followed the cops to the house…lol

Get well soon



Thanks all. Feeling better today. Most of swelling is gone, but I still have the “itchies”. Toxin is still omitting from pores. Worst part of this is I have tons of outside work to do; As if 100f is not enough of a deterrent. :wink:


Glad to hear that you getting better.



I got stung by about 50 or more at once one time when I was about 10. We were tearing an old chicken coop down and did not know there was a nest just under the boards. I found out but quick when I pulled out the hammer and out came a hoard of bees ! ! I stepped off the ladder and fell about 5 feet to the ground. LOL (sounds funny when I re-read it) but I was really lucky my uncle was an EMT and kept me until the ambulance took me to the hospital. Do not care to repeat that EVER again. I carry an Epi-Kit with me all the time now. I love some bees for pollination but that love can only go so far ! And wasps and hornets are too mean for there own good. lol



Doin better; This one was different. I actually omitted toxin through my pores for days. "D That has stopped, and now I am trying to heal all the little sores from the toxins.


Iem glad your doing better Latewood.
I can only imagine what you went through.
I grow up with a friend who was highly allergic to bee stings and if he was stung by one bee we wouldn’t see him for quite some time.
Get better soon buddy.
Your friend



Glad to hear you’re feeling better Latewood … that must have been really scary. I was doing some mowing a few years ago and ran over a wasp nest in the ground. I was stung about 16 times. It hurt like hell! I didn’t have near the reaction you did … just lots of swelling. I took a ton of Benadryl and that helped.
Hope you’re out and about again!


Well, just keep in id that the toxins store in your fatty tissue. One day, when you get stung, you will go into anaphylactic shock. Get an Epu-pen


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