FYI: Heads Up! I am very sick

We are in a severe cold snap, and my Wife contracted a viral infection art the Deli she works at. I did not realize at 1st but, it got me too. I have been in bed sweating since Dinner last night. I have been delirious for most of that time.

I will try to check in; However, I wanted to let you all know that I may be absent for a few days. Possibly the rest of the week. I am sorry to all the membership for any inconvenience or lack of support due to my absence. I will try to look in whenever I have a good spell and see if there is any crucial posts that need addressing.

Your friend, latewood

p.s. One of my chief concerns is that temps are going to stay below 0 C over the next 4 days. Not a very good climate to recovery from flu or Virus infections. Peace


Hope you and your wife get better Latewood!

I’m sorry to hear buddy hope you get well soon

Get well soon :dog2:

Some warm rum comfy blankets and you’ll be up and able in no time meantime we will attempt to function in your absence get well soon. :slight_smile:

was beginning to wander :>] you and you wife try to get better , your absents from the forum is noticed .chins up .stay warm not to hot , boil a whole chicken down . no beaks or feet or feathers . separate meat and bone add meat to stock add a pinch of dill weed salt ,lots fresh crushed black pepper, spoon crushed garlic , a little grated carrot ,double pinch basil ,onion powder,chopped, fine celery. one spoon chicken soup base . add the salt last as base is salty … simmer 45mins . add rice … … Hey latewood hope this helps … theirs some science behind chicken soup and the flu …PS iam NOT trying to start a food thread … lolol just trying to get one of ower Fear Less Growing Leaders on their feet …LW Have a good day and a better tomorrow .get well Hammer :+1:


Get well soon, both of ya

Thank You all for the kind thoughts. I am still battling this virus. I am better but, the dizziness and headaches are intermittent. I got my 1st uninterrupted sleep yesterday when I slept from Noon until 10. Up all night and slept from Noon to 5 today when I was woken up by a family member of a musician friend who died and I am head of a group that does Memorial Tribute shows for dead musicians. Here I am 4 am, an posting to you guys,

Now we are in the middle of a potential flood zone for the 2nd time this year, So; If we do not lost power, and I do not float away…'cause the creek is a’risiing! :o I will catch you later



Best of luck to you buddy, hang in there you’ll get well soon, atleast we’d all hope so.
Hope the both of you get well soon, and sorry to hear that, hope to start seeing you around again before to long

HANG ON AND HANG IN THERE …you are sorely missed …keep us posted as you can …their are many of us that are wishing you and yours the best

Thanks to all of my friends here. I am still fighting the cough, and chest congestion but, feeling better overall. Worked in the yard a couple days doing some fence. !st night back at Bowling last night.

County is up my ass again for the farmer type mess in the yard; so, I have to go out and work whether I like it or not. :wink:

Well gotta go; Got a lot of questions built up in my message box. So; Back to work. Peace, lw

Colloidal silver can help speed the healing process. I know I’m reading this late and you’ve already recovered, but for future reference. Timing means so much.

Stay warm and safe. Drink warm lemon water…

You both get some needed rest <*)))><{

Thanks Guys…:slight_smile: This was from a while back but, I tend to be ill on a regular basis; so, thanks for the kind words. Always lw

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Okay bra.
Stay inside and take care of yourself and each other.
Keep the faith.