FYI Fox Farms Ocean Forest

I usually use strawberry fields but tried OF this grow. I also changed to led lights and started in small pot then potted up.

I have been having fits from the beginning. First I thought it was PH then overwatering. Next I thought mag deficient. I never thought I would need to use nutes with OF.

I started nutes and she immediately looked better. Now shes growing and looking like I expect.

I’m not knocking FF or OF. I will always use FF products when I can. Just to all the people that read posts saying “I’ve never used ,insert name, but you probably…” pay attention to what YOU are doing. And if you use FF OF be ready to feed early.

Take it sleazy y’all!


@jsanders420 some of the differences you’re talking about depends on the amount of light you have. If you have more light than you need, they’ll feed more. A lot of people starting out don’t have enough light, so the plants don’t feed as heavily. They often don’t have to feed until flower.

Sir, what everyone says about you is a lie! You are an intelligent, friendly person.

Just kidding but you hit the nail on the head! I went from t8 fluorescents to leds. That explanation fits.

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