Future setup suggestions?

Would this how light be okay for veg ? Getting new seeds soon :). I have a very basic tent setup with a sun system 150 watt grow light and opulent 32”32”63” tent. Any better light suggestions or soil to start with

Ceramic metal halide will work from seed to harvest. It’s also full spectrum and no switching bulbs.
The HPS will give the seedlings lots of stretch.

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I went with hps but heat is a big pain in the but. They work good but I’m moving into this millennium and going with quantum boards. I haven’t heard anyone complain once about the weed grown from them


**Possible Safety issue! You can’t simply buy a higher or lower wattage bulb for your current 150watt hps. You have to buy the ballast for the 600watt hps or whichever wattage you go with. Bad bad stuff could happen. Be careful


I agree with @Stonedagain2. You can’t just get a larger bulb. Your ballast and bulb need to match. Also, IMHO, 150w is not near enough to flower. I veg, starting at 600, and increasing throughout the veg. I have a 1000w adjustable ballast. I run 1000w during flower. I just cut lights off final HPS grow yesterday. I will now veg under 600MH, and flower with new LEDs.
The HPS bulb is for flower. If you use it in veg, then as @Covertgrower said, it will cause excessive stretch. Use MH for veg. Also, not as critical yet, need to see about keeping water temp below 70° if possible