Future Purchases

Nearing the end on a first time indoor grow. Day 37 of flowering for an AK-47 strain. Just curious what suggestions you would have to make sure I have all the necessary equipment / supplies on hand when it comes to the final push. I am reading about the flush and the curing process after harvset. I just want to make sure I have all the necessary supplies. Silica gel? Mason jars? TDS meter? Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Bovida packs instead. You want to hold the correct humidity.

Yeah. Drying in a closed container with silica gel/beads/whatever will absolutely ruin your harvest. The last time I overdried weed I had to throw it away. I suppose I could have made hash out of it though.

You want drying humidity to be ~60%.

Check out Grove bags. Can’t link them hear but google should help you find them. About to use the for the first time myself with my pending harvest, but there have been MANY good things said about them in this forum.

Quite a few use and I also just picked up a moisture meter. You can use it during the drying process and when it reads ~10-12%, they are ready to be put in the jars (or Grove bags, hint hint…).

Lastly I also grabbed a trim bin and scissor (have at least 2 pair) cleaning box. I don’t want to lose any opportunity to collect some kief.

PS, its fun spending other people’s $ for a change. :slight_smile: