Future planning


Once my current crop is harvested in a month or so I will be getting things ready to germinate starts for my outdoor garden, which I will start in mid Feb. My state allows for four veg and two flower at a time, and I only have room for one indoor grow room, so I will probably only start four, two to go outside in late May, early June, and two to finish off flowering indoors (I may start those in mid April.) I have the Platinum mix pack, which contains Super Silver Haze, Purple Haze and Gold Leaf. It sounds like Gold leaf grows pretty tall, so I’m wondering whether I should plan on that for indoor or outdoor. Any suggestions? I think I will have to do some heavy cropping and training in either case, as i really don’t want them too tall outdoors. If I grow indoors, and start it in Feb with the others, would 1 or 2 of the GL fill up a Scrog within a 3X3 tent if I started flowering late May when the outdoor plants move out?


Yes gold leaf gets big i would drop the 2 gold leaf seeds the middle of February and let them grow and put them outside they are amazing outside it’s a big plant. And do the full indoor grow on your smaller plants


1 would GL would do it for sure but 2 does it faster :call_me_hand:t3: