Future light purchase

So I am just trying to get some opinions here for a future light purchase. I have a 5X5 and I am going to purchase lighting for at least 6 plants. My biggest concern is getting a cheap light. Almost everywhere I go directs me to Amazon. Any opinions on the HIGROW lights the sell? The reviews are good but man the price seems too good to be true. Any ideas that aren’t horribly expensive or the technical jargon doesn’t make me want to bang my head into the wall lol. I know a couple of you guys are well versed in lighting @dbrn32 @HornHead @PurpNGold74

Look@ horticulture lighting group and their quantum boards mate. Full spectrum light for around £100 on amazon…

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Thanks, I will look into those! Much appreciated.

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Definitely. 5x5 and 6 plants will require alpt of light tho. If you cut it back to 3x3 (dont have to shrink tent or box. Just use less available space) n maybe 3-4 plants. I think you could get away with a 135w atrip build or 2.

Roleadro is one of the best of the Amazon lighting options. Or if heat is not a problem, go two 315w cmh grow lights

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I use 2 600w hps in a 4x4x6 grow tent and work’s great for me my temperature is around 83 to 95 degrees during the big heat wave in the Midwest

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I saw one on Amazon that was 1500 watt. I was gonna get two of those. Would that be enough? They are the LED ones.

If you see a light that’s good to be true, it most definitely is. It costs me about $1 per watt to build a “good light”. To think that a company could be profitable with something using similar performing components and carry all of the proper certifications, insurance, payroll, and all that stuff is pretty absurd. So if you see something priced less it’s either not that good of a light, or using some stretched advertising or marketing. Probably both!

You’ve already been directed to hlg, timber grow lights has some lights designed specifically for a 5x5. Rapid led has some kits for 5x5 as well. If you’re looking for a really nice light, that’s where I would start.

If you don’t like the pricing there, I’d look at going to a double ended 1000 watt hps I n that space. You’d need a tall tent, but offers a lot more light than any of the lec offerings.


Yea. Save your money. If its cheaper then it should be. It wont work as good as u think it should work. This this way.
$80 led from amazon. Says 500 watts. Pulls 125 from the wall.
$150 qb from hlg. Says 100 watts. Pulls around 100.
Yes $80 beats $150. But the $150 option not only is ‘better light’ (which equals denser fuller buds) but also uses LESS energy (which saves money). And less heat! Which reduces need for fan cooling etc. (more money through electricity)

Added benefit- since you bought smartly the first time, your next light purchase would be for even better lighting instead of catching up to your wasted $80.

Now those are just examples of numbers. If you look at them more honestly the gap really widens. Dont let the complexities of the site confuse you. @dbrn32 is the right man to help you. Even if led isnt ur choice. Give a good budget and when he recommends just go take a peak. If its too high. Kindly reply. If he isnt your flavor. There are couple of light gurus around. Just dont rush into something too quickly


Thanks for the feedback! I will be looking into some of the other options u guys mentioned. @dbrn32, I will probably be asking more questions!!! Especially with the technical stuff!!

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No problem, happy to help.


Tag him into the diy light thread?

Nice answer by the way. You da man!

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Many (including me) buy cheaper lights then have to move up to better ones @Anonyboii .
@PurpNGold74 dead on about buy the light you need the first time if you can and spend less over all by not needing to replace the cheaper lights.
I am a fan of LED to save energy and operation costs. The HLG lights I have are great.


Hi Anon,
I used 2 of these in a 36"wx36"lx72"h tent.
Veg’d with them about 36 inches from canopy. At the end of flower I had them at about 18" from top of buds. I think they worked pretty well. Dried out about 24 oz’s of White Widow from 2 plants / photo’s. I think the two of them might grow 6 plants pretty fair.

Built myself a larger grow space this year and thought I would try a couple new lights so I got two of these,
These lights are quite something else. They output a huge amount of light. Thing about these, it seems you need a fair amount of distance from the plant canopy. Right now I am running them 40" from canopy, and they cover a table built big enough for 8 to 10 pots. I have 5 W.W/photo’s under them in early veg so we will see how it goes.
Something you might not have considered. It seems beneficial to have multiple single source units instead of one large unit with multiple sources in it. This gives you the ability to move your lights individually to get the most benefit from less watts used, and uses less headroom.
so, in a 5x5, wanting 6 plants either of these two options would do a fine job for you

the two CREE’s running,

the table,

as you can see, that’s a lot of light hitting that table
Hope that helps

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Two of these Cree models, $160 each, each pulling 65w and, allegedly, 12k lumens.

That’s a 260w QB kit right there.

I’ll let someone else say which is the better option.

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Know my vote :joy::joy::joy: qb again. But the cobs are a bad choice at all

No, the COB’s aren’t a bad option at all. I just wonder if it could be done cheaper.

Oh, a question for @MindlessCorpse. How much space do you have above these two lights. It’s maybe just the angle of the pic, but they do look rather close to the ceiling so I worry about the cooling being compromised and that will kill them a lot quicker.


They have about 2 and a half inches clearance from the ceiling. Seems plenty of room as they stay pretty close to room temp.

No worries, must be the shot angle because I have to admit I sat there for a fair bit thinking “are they or aren’t they”.

But there are plenty who think half an inch is enough “because it’s got a fan” so it’s always something I’ll ask “just in case” because nobody wants to see lights destroyed prematurely because of something like that.


The lights do have fans in them, and need adequate room to draw and expel air. Heat causes resistance in lines and can definitely kill a light (burn up a driver).
You are definitely correct in observing and replying, otherwise, what good is a forum…