Fusarium? Ph or nutrient issue? Some type of other fungus?

Hey guy’s whats this look like to you? Fusarium? Some type of other fungus? PH or beginning of a nutrient lockout? Or maybe some burning from the green cleaner from last week?

The plant is in soil. Week 4 of flower. Using organic soil with organic top dress and teas. used green cleaner up to the first day of week 3 as a preventive. Noticed this a few days a go after some defoliation. Any Ideas? Plant looks healthy besides whats in the pictures.

It looks good I might spray a drop of peroxide spray with water


@Thedoedoe I’m not pro at all just someone with a passion for Organic growing. I just looked over your photos you posted and I’m thinking it’s looks a bit like powder mildew, can you post some Ph and PPMs readings just so the other people will know what would be the best way to approach anything you mite feel needs a look at, and welcome to the forum :v:️.


Run off ppm 1300 ph 6.5

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That all spot on @Thedoedoe let me see if I can get you some more opinions @M4ur @Myfriendis410 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster @bob31 and suggestions please.

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I grow all organic also, no pro either but plant look fine to me, maybe a little high on the ppm. I think you should give it a couple of waterings with R.O. Phd water.


If you suspect powdery mildew, mix 1 Tablespoon of peroxide (3%) in 1 gallon of water and spray down your leaves thoroughly. It should vanish within minutes. I would think the green cleaner is causing your burning issue.

Overall not bad; dark green so pay attention to potential N toxicity but looking pretty good!


Thank you @Myfriendis410 for you experienced support :v:


I was just getting baked after some birthday sushi with the wife lol. I even spelled everything mostly right haha.


Thanks guys i appreciate everyone’s help.

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And that is well deserved @Myfriendis410, you have been given people so much great advice here on this forum and I hope you can for a long time yet :v:️ and best wishes to you both :+1:.

@Johnzy81 hey mate,just wondering do you have a fan blowing over the top of the girls :slight_smile:

Yes mate I do just a soft flow apart from the fresh air it also helps the stems to strengthen up it think it’s an necessity because the plants love it @aussie123556 :+1:.

I have a similar problem about 3 weeks into flowering, but only on one of 4 strains. Purple Shaman from seed appears to be the only plant suffering from this disease which, after a couple of hours research and reading, is almost certainly Powdery Mildew.