Funny looking leave

I grow super skunk from seeds and this batch I have a few that has this problem. My nutrient is a bit 1.3 with pH at 6-6.2 growing in coco. Can you give a little suggestions?

What’s your humidity and temp looking like in there? I also keep my ph closer to 5.8-5.9 in coco, same as you would for Hydro.

I have one that’s been growing that started out that way an by week 3 went normal an I didn’t change anything

Hey J I made a topic strictly for charts an graphs for newcomers do you have any to contribute

The only charts I have looked at are the same ones majik put up lol. Only one I didn’t see there is the lighting penetration chart for differing MH/HPS light wattages. I will see if i can find that one and toss it in.

Right on the only other one I’ve seen but ain’t on there is the sexing chart

A little homework should help you on this one :slight_smile:
I suspect ph fluctuations Coco should be treated like hydro so ph should be 5.8 ± .3 5.5-6.1 check your run off ph

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