Funky looking buds. Hope they fatten up

@dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 @MattyBear what do you fellas think ?


No real smell as of yet. I do smell then little bit right around lights on and maybe a little bit around lights off but I tend to leave the house around that time…

I have two more seeds of these that I bought at the same time was planning on popping them when this one finishes.

This is about where you’re at

This is where they can go from there

You can’t go by the estimated flower time. They will vary greatly between different phenotypes. My auto went over 11 weeks flower.


I’m hoping I get there. I keep bending branches down to try and keep and even canopy which has gave me alot of bid sites.

This is my 3rd grow first went good it was from a clone second one was junk didnt do good at all.

Autos are tricky. They don’t do well with stress. Let your monster do her thing and you will be well rewarded.

I agree, that is a long bushy monster. Let her go until the try combs are right. You should get a lot off of her

When I scrolled to top I also thought it kinda looked like it went back into veg at some point.

Either way, its gonna flower for several more weeks. If kept healthy and light density is good she’ll put on a lot of weight.


You have lots of time still. Now for the patience part.


Looks like you’ve gotten some solid advice. If it’s an auto then it shouldn’t matter about light leaks. It could ultimately end up just being a dud plant. I’ve had more than a few plants underperform next to thriving plants right next to them. Hopefully they will fatten up for you, you definitely have a ways to go still :v::bear:

suggest you cut 1/2 hour off light schedule to increase the ripening.
buds are in juvenile stage…they will bulk up and grow thicker in the next 6 to 8 weeks.

Do no shorten your time anymore yet you take time off the end to let em know the end is near when they just wont amber up and keep throwing clear trics and white pistils

Are you using a timer or are you turning the lights on and off manually…?

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@peachfuzz I’m using a timer
It is just a cheap one want to pick up a digital one here soon tho.

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Ya , those mechanical timer’s suck and always loose time… :+1::wink:
I highly recommend digital timers for lighting… :wink:
Alot less issues…
they just suck to program… :+1::wink::exploding_head::upside_down_face::grin:

@Myfriendis410 @Hogmaster @dbrn32

Remember back like 23 days ago when I posted this up and asked about my funky buds. You guys all said reveg and I believe that is what has been happening slowly.
I noticed a couple other buds that had single leafs that never did before. Its all the buds up closer to the light so was thinking something with that was causing it…

I happen to check my timer and noticed a couple spots were pushed down around 9 am while I’m at work had no clue. Suppose to start dark cycle at 6 am ish. I fixed the timer now.

So now my next question is am I screwed now? The the rest of the plant looks to be growing good maybe a little slow but I have noticed a size increase in the last 2 weeks.


Revegging is going to take some time, especially if the light cycle was off.


Could potentially bring out some issues, or could be just fine. Glad you found culprit though.

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your a machine… :wink:

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