Funky flowering

Hi everyone, I’ve been kind of journaling somewhere on here, but I’m super curious about this .
This lady is 5.5 weeks old, and is growing dailey- but, her flowers aren’t coming out as buttons, as much as tassels …just wondering if shes gonna be ok,or did I mess something up. I did the flush( FF sledghammer) about 6 days ago. She seems happy.

Jack Herer auto - from ILGM
FFHPmxed with 30%perlite
5x5 tent
2 6in blower,with carbon filter/incoming fresh air
630cmh full spec 37000k
Ffnutes 6.2 ph, 1780ppm overnight tap water
Avg temp 78/ hum 34-50

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Autos often look like that. Several of mine have. They fill in and fatten up just fine.
Rest easy friend, you are looking good.
Here is an old one of mine a little farther along.

Later filled into this…


OMG :joy:… I was rolling!!! Bro hill frign lariuos!!
She is fine …

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@Spiney_norman shoo, thank you for.the reassurance, this is my first auto. I thought I hermed it with the flush. :sweat_smile:

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Now you’re just showing off…


Yep…Any chance I get!

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Do you have a HPS bulb? Or do you run that CMH in flower?

But yeah don’t sweat it

I have been running CMH for the whole cycle. Shes taller than the light now

38 days jack herer

Your node spacing is pretty far apart… You should have turned your lighting up to avoid that stretch, or move your lights closer.

Also pretty sure you should be switching to HPS for flowering

Hi nicky, I run 630 cmh through the whole cycle. I may have to replace the bulbs, but the other plants in the tent aren’t stretching the same way, I always keep the light distance at 18 in .shes starting to fill in now

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Updated pic

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You would see a increase in running HPS in flower as it has more far red… Why are you running CMH full cylce? I’m sure you know this it’s pretty basic knowledge

I use full spectrum bulbs, from what I understand it is quite sufficient, my first run 2 years ago I had zero issues with the lights. They run at 3700k, going to get the 4700 soon. Last summer I added 2 LEDs red (just small ,cheapies) they didnt help. As far as basic knowledge, I researched the lights, after speaking to the grow shop employees, google full spectrum lightning.
I would have to invest in separate fixture for the hps. Also I didnt want to have to switch the lights for the 12/12flip( this was before I started growing the autos) one day I might try hps, but for now new bulbs will help.

Think you need some more basic research so look below for a video link.
full spectrum is a overused marketing tool these days a 50$ amazon light is also full spectrum…

You can grow from start to finish on 3700k for sure but then again you can grow from start to finish on 2800k or 5000k, now while it’s less important than lighting intensity (which your CMH will have good intensity) you want something more around 3700-6400k for veg and 2800-3500k for flower (also better suited to seed to harvest).
I don’t see what you will gain from getting a 4700k bulb if anything ide get a lower K bulb because you want more far red.

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That spectrum shows % of relative power rather than actual spectrum…

More red = better for flower basically

Comparision pic beginning of weeks 7

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