Funky curly leaves

Hi folks
This is a picture of a 3rd gen clone that was root bound and finally planted late in the game. It’s in a guerrilla location in an old mulch pile (grass cuttings and leaves) its been in for 2 weeks went to water and found these leaves. They seem to have straightened out. No nutes yet. Just straight water. What’s up with it!? I have 4 others but first to do this


The pic is not very clear…looks like something ate the other leaf and I also see some damage in the back ground… Check for caterpillars… They will roll up a leaf like that to lay eggs inside…hope this helps…:sunglasses::v:

I’m guessing insects caused your leaves to curl. Over watering can also cause leaves to curl but I don’t think that’s your problem. You would have more leaves doing it. Keep a close on them and check under your leaves. Some of my girls had leaves curling Really bad in their early stages. I think mine were a combination of bugs and some were from over watering. They all bounced back great and are doing perfectly fine now.
Good luck

Ill watch the watering and Check for bugs. I have someone watering for me in between visits and he maybe overzealous, excited (read first time) I offered proceeds based on success. It’s Tropical Fuel OG Kush now in ground wasn’t thinking over watering. I asked him about fertilizer he was using (isn’t) or if the mulch was “hot” but like you said the other leaves look fine. I’ll stop up and check for bugs. He said they were looking normal now.
How many times can you clone from a clone from a clone.? I don’t think I’m going to do anymore from this group.