Fungus Problems

I had some fungus get a hold of my plants before I could figure out what the problem was. Now my plants just want seem to come back. These pictures are about a month after I sprayed them with some peroxide and water. Then 2 days later with some antifungul. Can someone PLEASE tell me what to do???

Sorry to say but I think it’s a total loss from what I can see. Looks like bud rot has set in pretty good and there’s nothing to really be done at that point. Can you get some close up pics just to confirm it is in fact bud rot?

Thanks for taking the time to help me. I don’t really know anything about this its my first time I have ever tried to grow anything of any size really. I grew 2 plants last year inside and wound up destroying what I grew by drying the bud in 90 degree heat. I want make that mistake again but I need to get it to that point too. Not having the best luck starting out, hahahaha There’s always Barber school I guess. hahahaha

Here are some more pics. This is about as close as I can get with my camera. Its 2 plants, with a couple limbs in total that have some good bud left. I was wondering if the bud thats good will get any bigger or better? Or do I just need to go ahead and end the misery?

I was scared these 2 were game over so I set out a couple seeds about a week ago. While I have you if seed is started and already growing in soil can it be transferred to coco coir or DW? I was told the grow buckets did way better, do they?

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Yeah it looks like they are a loss. You wouldn’t want to ingest or inhale any of that mold. I’d send them to the compost pile and focus on the next batch. Air flow is one of the best defenses against mold . :v:

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Yes the can be transferred. I haven’t done it but I assume it can just be placed in coco. With dwc , I’d assume you’d have to rinse off as much soil as possible before.