Fungus or green stem?

LA Confidential 10 days old
3 x 3 tent
SE3000 Spider Farmer light
Temps stay in high 70s most of the time.
RH stays in low 40s most of the time.
18/6 light schedule

Was looking at both of my seedlings this morning and noticed what looked like a white fungus on the bottom of each stem.

My eyes aren’t so good so I tried to take a close up picture to see what it is. Now I’m not so sure it’s a fungus. When I zoom in it looks more like the stem is turning a woody green. At this early stage? These seedlings are less than a month old. This one is about 10 days old.
I do run an ultra sonic humidifier in the 3x3 tent. It stays in the low 40% since it’s so dry here. I use RO water for the humidifier so no white dust.

Any ideas?

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If you’re talking about the base of the plant, that looks normal to me.



My eyes aren’t so good. It looked white to me. So I got a close up and it doesn’t look fuzzy just green.

Here’s a cropped close up.

Thanks. I had problems with the first seedling cause a new sonic humidifier threw white dust on everything. (Seedling #1 survived, #2 came after fix) I bought an RO system and now it solved that problem but didn’t know if I was getting mold or fungus.

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Like @oldmarine said

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Its normal dont worry about it

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Looks good to me. The lighter colored part by the soil is most likely the newer growth that just popped out the soil area the reddish stems are caused from the lights and the green part at bottom is from it growing and not changing colors quite yet. Later or tomorrow look and it will be faded together most likely. Good luck looks nice so far

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Maybe, just maybe a little too much light? Use a Lux meter and if its above 10k Lux, it may be too much