Fungus? or calcium

Hello all
Cheese auto starting 9th week
She dried out some last week. Temp stays around 82f when lights are on.rh 40-60%. Using fox farm nutes big bloom and tiger bloom 1tsp each per 1.5 gallon. Got some brown spots. Any help would be appreciated

Can you fill out a support ticket?
What type of water are you using?
Have you followed the fox farm flush schedule?

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• Vessels: Pots, Grow beds, Buckets, Troths

• PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)

• PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable

• Indoor or Outdoor

• Light system

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What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed.
Ilgm cheese auto

.Kellogg raised bed with miracle grow petemoss and perlite sterilized. sterilized soil to 180f before mixing in Pete and perlite

5gal bucket

Runoff ph haven’t checked recently when I did check it last it was 6.8

Not equipped to check


Giixer 1000

82f lights on 76 lights off

Humidity 45% day 60% night

Ventilation 6" ducted fan…2- 3in computer fans

AC no

Co2 no

I flush every 3rd watering…watering every 3-4 days.
I also rinse my fish tank sponge filter in the water for nitrifing bacteria and when I first mixed my soil I added Epsoma garden tone at 50% of the package rate it’s a 4-4-4 organic fert and some epsoma bone meal at 50% also

So miracle grow soil is your primary medium?

Miracle grow soil isn’t the best medium with time release nutrients.
Looks like potassium deficiency.

Miracle grow petemoss and perlite
Kellogg raised bed soil that I sterilized

Thanks. I’ve had some say its fungus just getting confused

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Are you referring to “leaf septoria”? I’ve never seen it in person. Do any of the spots wipe off, or are they just crumbly?
It could be manganese, (which is wierd), it could be root related.
I see the tips of most leaves are burnt, so we know there’s been an abundance of nutrients. This is where runoff ppms can help.

The problem with miracle grow soil is that it’s already enriched with time release nutrients. Every time you water, a non cannabis friendly dose of nutrients is released . Then you add more nutrients trying to fix or feed the plant. The next thing you know the plant starts getting lockouts. No amount of flushing will help, because watering releases more nutrients…

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Not seeing a fungus issue. Does look like Potassium issue.
Assuming your fish tank is fresh water (not salt water) you might also consider when doing your 20% water change to coincide with watering your plants and use that.
When you say 9 weeks…is that from seed tailed or from when they started to show flowering? My experience is that even when they look like that they will still finish and be fine…your mileage may vary.
If you can reverse those RH numbers to have it higher during lights on and lower during lights off.
Cooking the soil? I’ve heard others do that but if your source is good I don’t see a reason to sterilize it because you not only kill any potentially bad things but also all the good things living in the soil. It’s like when they pasteurize milk or orange juice they kill it all so it’s a dead food.

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Thanks for the info.
So just to be clear I should not use water from a saltwater tank?

I am not using miracle grow soil

Ahhh, looks like I misread. But you are using this, correct?

What soil are you using?

I would not use water from a salt water tank straight up…but…although I do use a product called SEA - 90 which is salt from ocean but follow their recommendations diluting it in water first.
You may be able to use water from your saltwater tank but I would think it would need to be diluted as the specific gravity may be too high by itself.

Great question…now you have me thinking…lol

What the water from the tank will bring is all the good stuff that the plants would like just not sure what a good dilution rate would be…if at all?..hmmm
At one time I had 3 or 4 salt tanks and 3 or 4 fresh water tanks running for years but awhile back shut them down.

Holy cow no! "Good agricultural land " that "just needs irrigation " shows the problems with salt buildup.

Different kind of “salt” build up!
All living things can benefit from what sea salt can provide them with the essential 90 minerals/elements.

Take a look here…much info relating to using for plants and animals.

As your post said at Sufficient dilution not a problem. Sea water is to concentrated for anything not evolved to live in it. " they sacked Carthage and sewed the fields with salt " it’s a old scorched earth tactic.

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