Fungus Knat and Damping Off


I use tons of microbes in my grows. I use a few different products that allow for a variety of mixes and uses.

Beneficial fungus is your plant’s roots’ friend. They will keep away the bad guys. You can even use mycco as a leaf spray to prevent powdery mildew.

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I wouldn’t spray bacteria and fungus on my plants. Myco and other beneficials are intended to work at the root zone. There is no need to spray anything on the leaves as they naturally perspire.


It’s a very well-known and recommended solution which works.


Whether it works or not I am not going to debate you. Do what you want.

Legal pot grower/shops are being closed down or suspended in MA for this practice.


APHIS part of the USDA has made recommendations to all States:

I quote from their guidance:
A review of existing literature shows that the presence of mold on cannabis can result in severe health complications and death.27,28,29,30 Pathogenic bacteria may also be a cause of under-reported or under-recognized adverse events. For example, in December 2011 a kidney transplant recipient and New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program participant was hospitalized due to a gastrointestinal infection linked to smoking cannabis which had previously failed testing for the presence of enterobacteria and mold. The patient was encouraged to notify the Department of Health but declined due perceived hostility towards patients and industry stakeholders by administration and his relationship with the producer.31
Available literature supports the idea of a causal relationship between smoking cannabis and bacterial infections. Numerous human pathogens have been identified on cannabis and research on tobacco products suggests that these organisms are likely not completely destroyed during smoking.25,32,33

Recommended testing levels;
###Table 5: US Pharmacopeia Microbial Limits###

USP Microbial Limits
Total Aerobic Microbial Count <105
Total Combined Yeast and Mold Count <103
Bile Tolerant Gram-negative Bacteria <103
Absence of Salmonella spp & E. coli in 10 g

Guidance document:

Currently the production, quality and testing of these biological innoculants are generally uncontrolled and sub-par!!! The claims made are often untested through rigorous science. They are simply in it for the money.


So much for not debating.

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LOL @blackthumbbetty, i always spray my leaves with aloe, works a treat.

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Actively aerated compost tea if done properly introduce the good aerobic bacteria and fungi to the plants.
Watered into the soil or used as a foliar spray. There are also bad critters that can be in there but if you have the good ones too they will take care of the bad ones.

Pros and Cons to everything.

And if the government comes out with a study be wary as look how they handle allowing all the poisons to be sold and spread all over the place…Teflon, Round up, Asbestos…etc can’t believe they are still allowing many bad shit to be sold and used even after they know it’s horrible for everyone.


Compost is natural microorganisms at work. Just wouldn’t spray it in my plant. Roots OK. Even without water, bacterial and fungal spores can live for hundreds if not thousands of years. Many of them also produce toxins. The toxins and spores can survive and not break down when even smoked.