Fungus issue on top buds

A question from a fellow grower:

I have just gotten three plants, I bring them in out of the weather and now they have fungus growing on the top buds. How can I get rid of it?

Pictures would be very helpful seeing how we have no idea of what your dealing with. Well how bad it is cause we know what it is…lol
But for now check co your humidity make sure it’s around 50% or 45% and then depending on how bad it is myself I would just cut off just what is infected . Because I surely wouldn’t want to smoke it.



Sounds like you have high humidity inside,a nd coming from perhaps a drier outside area, shocked the area and lowered the resistance to disease. Lack of air circulation is another contributor to mold/mildew

A tsp.of of Baking soda in a qt. spray bottle will kill the growth. After your mold is cleared up, rinse well and make sure to keep plant well ventilated.