Fungus growing on blue cheese

Good morning. I’m the worst Newby you can get. An old man trying to grow a young man’s dream :blush:. My plant is grown indoors. 1st one ever thst I’ve grown. Blue Cheese. 6 weeks old now. Grown indoors. Been noticing these mouldy, fungus on the leaves now for about a week. Not sure as to the best treatment. Would really appreciate any advice.

Looks like white powdery mildew to me. There are a couple options for treatment but good air exchange in area helps. Let me tag some help.
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These folks will have a plan for remediation. :v:
Also looks like you may have some bugs on ur leaves too.

I also thought there may be small bugs. I’ve actually looked at a YouTube video and one guy said these things come from bugs.

Spray with straight 3% hydrogen peroxide. Won’t hurt the plant but have to increase airflow and lower RH. I had issues until I installed a dehumidifier.


I’ve used H2O2 with success as well. Preventative maintenance is key, once WPM is entrenched its can be a bear to get rid off.

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I love this seems to be the tail of my life first it was a young man with an old mans dream and now it has flipped.

Welcome to the forum. As you have seen lots of great help here just need to ask the question. Are your plants autos or photos?

I believe you might have spider mites as well m8. What’s your temps and rh ranging at? Need to remedy quickly neem oil h2o2 etc whatever your preference is.

I focus on preventative measure so not sure what to tell ya on wpm… best thing is to get the rh down and keep it down so never have to deal with it in the first place.

*** you definitely have spider mites. Cut out the infected leaves at once and spray with the h2O2 or neem ASAP foilar application.