Fungus gnats or mildew?

OMG!! So I realize I have a pretty big fungus gnat problem… I got the mosquito bits a few days ago and sticky traps but that doesn’t seem to be working. We had a power outage for about 8 hours yesterday (the 4th) when my lights were supposed to be on… basically nothing was on, no fans, light etc… I looked just now and noticed a web like fungus? Along the top dirt of the plant… I don’t know if it’s from these darn gnats or the humidity increase (90%) because of the power outage. I truly need help!! Please if anyone has ever seen this, let me know. There’s nothing on the leaves… just on top of the dirt. What should I do??

This is very up close… but in reality, it covers the whole bottom and looks more like a cloud. It wasn’t there on the 3rd… and I watch my plants multiple times a day… I’m a newbie… please help!!

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Looks more like spider mites to me did you flip up the leaves and look on the under sides of leaves?

Yes I did… it’s only on top of the soil. I’m so confused… and I don’t know whether to let the soil dry out for my gnat problem or flush it with a bti…

I put a 1/2" of sand over my soil to get rid of gnats. It worked. Took a week but got almost instant results. They lay eggs in the soil and when babies are ready they climb up through the soil to get out. The sand stops them from coming out so it breaks the cycle.


Thanks! I’ll try that!

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Did you water regularly after you put the sand?

Yes just water normally. I found watering digs holes thru the sand so I just brush sand back over the hole.

Oh ok… thanks!