Fungus gnats issue

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I recently purchased the GranDaddy Purple Auto seeds. I am in week 3 day 5 and I noticed the gnats the 1st of the week. I have treated a few times with reem oil spray and placed stickies.
My concern is the discoloration in the leaves and shining and curling. This is happening mostly on one out of 4 plants. One other plant is starting to show a leave edge curling.

Take a look and let me know what y’all think.


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The second picture is a normal mutation. The others I haven’t seen fungus gnats cause…

Mosquito bits, sticky traps, diluted milk spray, and DE will help


For the gnats

Looks like maybe water splashed on leaves under lights. How close are your lights?
Yeah some of that looks like variegation
Had a plant like that last grow.

Grew like that all its life. Produced well too.


Thank you for the reply and info :+1:


Also allow the first few inches of soil to over dry before watering. Fungus gnats love moisture and thrive in damp soil. Allowing the soil to completely dry out will kill the larvae and detour the adults


I believe adding diatomaceous earth will kill the larvae and any injure adults that land to lay eggs.

I add a layer of sand because it dries out quickly.



I really like those Mosquito Bits! I buy these and either crush them myself or place them in a cloth bag to dissolve into my water jug. Ima hunt for these. Nice share!!


Just a few tips I learned regarding using sticky traps for fungus gnats :

  1. Try have a few hanging in such a way that they are moving in the breeze to attract the gnats thinking they are bright yellow flowers
  2. If using pots, have a trap next to each pot just above the draining tray level ( also able to move in the fan breeze )
  3. Don’t forget to have one near the soil / medium surface too

Me too. I actually bought them to deal with mosquitos in my rain barrels. They were really getting out of hand and I was getting bit several times a day. We had several containers all around the garage and out buildings. I have had this one container of Bits in the shaker container for something like 7 or 8 years. It still kills them by next day. I already had them when I started growing weed inside and saw on this forum that they kill gnats. I drop them in a gallon jug and after an hour water the soil. My wife who tends the Mother plants and seedlings top dresses them into the soil. Both methods seem to work equally well. Its a fine product.

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