Fungus gnats from soil

One day ago fungus gnats started coming out of my soil! I tried fighting them back with some coffee that I spreat around my plant and sticked matches into the soil, here a picture

I was wondering if this will have an impact on my pH level and if yes what I can do to get it back to normal?
Is there a better (maybe not too expensive) way to fight those gnats? If so please tell me!
Greetings, Deibiddo :slight_smile:

cut up some potatoes and place them on the soil in a few days the potatoes will be covered with the eggs and gnats. works awesome !



And what about the coffee and the matches that I already used? Should I just take them away? Thanks!

All ya need is the potatoes

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Yes remove,them, matches contain sulfur which plants do like but coffee on the other hand is very acidic watch your ph


Good point my friend.


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Should the potatoes cover all the soil? Or just spread them out?

Spread them out

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