Fungus gnats and aftermath

Hi guys! Me and my girlfriend kaley ordered wwa its our 1st time at it i have everything except i ran into fungus gnat problems… now the ones i have left are two but they have a salt looking stain on the beginning fat leaf and others… Any help is it okay to use kellogs soil for the grow i know my mistake was due to overwatering. Please get back to me asap im germing the 13th one now and i keep @$!#ing myself it feels like. i had mg set now im thinking it’s bad idea. Please let me know of kellogs organic soil will work thanks much love from the sunshine state

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@Mordykitch Can you post some pics please?

I’m sure the soil is fine and yes, you definitely don’t want to overwater them.

Once you post some pics, we’ll help you figure it out! :sunglasses:

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Stop overwatering… :wink:
Welcome to ILGM… :wink:

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Kellogs makes a bunch of different soils @Mordykitch

Tells us specifically which one as some of them aren’t really suitable for growing in. Listing the name on the bag and the exact ingredients will help too.

Sprouts only need a little bit of water. Use it set to 6.5 pH and use a spray bottle. As soon as the seeds go into the soil, put a clear plastic dome over them to keep the humidity at a very high level. They like warmth and high humidity! The dome can be a clear plastic cup or a cutoff water bottle or something. Gatorade bottles cutoff work pretty good too!

Get yellow stickys and put a bowl of apple cider vinegar in the tent. Food Grade DE sprinkled on the soil should help the gnats too. Most likely they are coming from the soil you have!

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This is after doing h202

I have one in germination i want to get the best soil but my options are limited due to time… if anyone thinks i can reuse that same soil just a new bag or what soil should i buy from hope depot for my wwa i have left i want to yield one to tbe fullest

@Mordykitch You should try azmax. I think it works for fungus nats. It’s not too harsh on plants. Do a folliar spray once a week. This stuff doesn’t kill it makes them retarded ( no more eating, breeding and keeps other bus at bay. I have used this stuff for spider mites and ear wigs and it sure works.

Once my shack is bug free I do a full spray in the tents all around the outside and all the walls to the shack about once a month.

Sure hope you get thise critters at bay!

Sounds a lot like what the Neem Oil does

You can buy fox farms soil online all year long @Mordykitch

I have never used been oil. Any benefit or disadvantage using ether one?

I ran azmax in dwc once to kill some bugs off and it ended up hurting my yield big time


Yeah, that’s why I try to stick to oils, etc. I think it works the same in that it messes with all of the bugs functions (i.e. eating, mating, etc.) and I believe it works as a fungicide as well.

It’s very concentrated so a little goes a long way and you don’t want to apply too much. Maybe once a week.

I can let you know in a week or so if it works.

Ya please do let me know. I’m always interested in learning new tips and tricks. @bluntley420

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Will do @Snowman

What soil from home depot is best to use for wwa?? Cmon guys help a noobie
out yall!

Not a soil user but I believe people use fox farms ocean forest. I would use black gold for the seedlings.

Hope this helps

Could I interest you in deep water culture? @Mordykitch

Sorry for such a late response snowman id love to hear about it… I don’t know jack about hydroponics and whatnot im new and just want to see a nice success but i am open-minded to learning.
Hooe to hear from you soon

Go to the hydroponic section and check out my system.

I have been working at a indoor farm and they are using ocean forest/secret soil with a perlight mixture.

when should you clean the tent