Fungi identification assistance needed

I’m not sure if this is the best place on this site to post a question like this but I’m sure there are some experienced mycologists around here who can lend some experience

I’m still working on my mushroom identification game but I see this one probably once a week around my property. Absolutely no clue what this is. Any help?

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I’m an idiot
We know that but …I used to deliver mulch and also work around it …
It looks like white mulch mold …

You led me down the right path


Nice !!!

I think I remember the guys in the mulch yard would tell me that’s where they would dump their beer when the boss rolled through

It really looked exactly like the pic you posted at first

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Cool stuff! If it prefers areas that have need overwated it’s probably an anaerobic fungus like powdery mildew. Lactobacilis is good for mitogating things like that. You can’t eradicate a pathogen without eradicating beneficials as well. Pathogens are food sources for some beneficials. Homeostasis is a delicate balance. It’s fun learning though. Good work identifying it. I started playing around with insect inditification apps information and technology offers some great opportunities used correctly

That is called dog vomit fungus. Hydrogen peroxide will cure it .

On the idea of powdery mildew it blocks photosynthesis

Eh i don’t eff with the fungi in my yard. Sometimes they produce really cool stuff!

he’s right H2O2 will kill it. It will also kill the Benificial fungus!! Homeostasis is balance. If it isn’t hurting anything then why? Powdery mildew on the other hand! Again though lactobacilis won’t kill it completely. It will compete with it and reduce it greatly. Best to not create the anaerobic conditions to begin with and to have it so full of Benificial life that a pathogen doesn’t have a foothold to get in.