Fungas Nats and solutions

Hey ilgm community I have a question about fungas Nats I have them in my pots not bad just started but I was wondering about some organic ways to handle them I have vinegar fly traps out right now but I’m concerned because I don’t know if the fumes are harmful.

I need a solution to this as well.

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We are on this journey together my friend how far along are you?

I ordered this stuff but I was looking for a right now solution to prevent any future damage

Sand, dry out surface moisture and they will disappear

If in coco, dry coco ontop helps, I’ve seen people use clay pebbles as well.

It’s more about keeping the top as dry as possible


That’s what I like to smoke, does it add terpenoids as well?

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Thank you for the insight :pray:

I’m not exactly sure.

Don’t put it on your plants, keep it simple!

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If you are in soil or coco try to keep the top layers of youre medium dry if in fabric pots you can bottom feed/water and it will help keep that top layer of medium dry

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Alright so the fumes are ok


Vinegar won’t harm youre girls no

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Milk ! 1/4 cup per gallon up to 1 full cup per gallon , good dated milk or expired, even powder milk mixed with soil will work and it will increase you harvest yield by 60% bigger , not only milk does the body good but it does miracles to your buds and let’s not talk about the frost , make Mammoth p look like mummy puss , but I’m a nobody so why believe me right , but milk also ack as a natural owrsticide cause the fungus Nats has no lungs , so they cannot breath the milk , they explode and the larvae explodes , 2 for 1 once a week with recharge and some blue magic or FL. FU. You be good to go !


Whew thanks!

Hmmmmm 60% eh?? That’s gotta be worth a try. Do you add the milk to your regular feed/nutrient??. I use terra florres during my flower period…compatible?? @yoshi I’ve also heard of using egg shells. Any thoughts on that??

Bti is organic and probably the best treatment for gnats you will find. Wouldn’t even bother trying anything else.


This is a pretty easy way to apply. The active ingredient is Bti as dbrn mentioned : Summit Responsible Solutions Mosquito Bits - Quick Kill, 30 Ounce : Home Pest Control Products : Garden & Outdoor

Bti or Mosquito Bits - which are corn kernels covered in Bti.


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