Fun with my Gold Leaf Grow



I always wondered what that caterpiller was tokin’.

Nice harvest.


Thick clouds, thicker buds nice! :+1:t2:


Are you having fun yet ? looks like it to me …. lol


wow thats a comprehensive post…


Nothing but high praises from everyone who has tried it. A deep flavorable sour deasel aftertaste…


Do you trim/prune before you hang your harvest, I’ve seen some people trim/prune the leaves after they’ve hung and cured


While there’s likely thousands of processes you could use, here’s the one I currently use:

For drying, I want to dry as slow as possible without increasing the risk for mold (generally 8 to 10 days). First, I cut down and hang the whole plant in a dark cool room for at least two whole days (48 hours minimum). Next, I’ll trim just the big fan leaves off and leave my lil’ ladies hanging for another couple of days. Next, I cut down and place in large brown paper bags for a couple of days. From this point on, every container I have the buds in will be gently turned over every 8 hours or so to avoid the buds from flattening on one side from sitting in the same spot for too long while drying. Next, I place the paper bag itself in a large black plastic garbage bag— tied closed for a couple more days (I generally burp or open the trash bags at least once a day for just a few minutes). Next, I manicure each bud (triming off and saving the lil’ sugar leaves for edibles) and I’ll place each manicured bud in an airtight clear storage bin with a humistat so I can watch the humidity. Generally, within 2 days of being in the storage bin, the buds will maintain close to a 65% humidity level for a few hours with the lid closed, which allows me to safely igniate the curing process. If the humidity fluctuates more than a couple of degrees in a couple hours time, I’ll burp or open the storage bins for a half hour or so till the humidity stays at a consistent level.

For curing, I put the buds loosely into mason jars where they will stay for a minimum of 10 to 14 more days. I loosely fill the mason jars just a little more than 3/4 of the way full and I keep a close watch on my lil’ ladies for their first 3 days in the mason jars. During these first 3 days, I’ll check for and, if necessary, focus on getting rid of any Amonia like smells. During these first 3 days, I’ll burp/open the jars in the morning for maybe 30 minutes. If necessary, I’ll burp/open the jars again for another 30 minutes in the evening. I store the jars in a cool dark room and, perhaps most important, on the 14th day of curing, I gather up friends and family and break out the bongs (papers and wraps, too).

All the time and effort put into helping these lil’ ladies grow to perfection deserves the best drying and curing process you can come up with. Like a fine wine, drying and curing buds are critical stages that, when done properly, will be pleasantly appreciated. From numerous experiments, I am 100% convinced that properly drying and curing your buds are critical stages that really do boost the buds flavor, aroma, and potency—critical stages that brings all the hard work and patience to the ultimate climax.

The drying and curing process described above is one I have personally used numerous times and, unless someone can show me a better process, I will continue to use. Good luck and, as always, best wishes for a healthy, happy and fulfilling harvest.

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