Fun and Games in Colorado

That Manatuska from Brian looks like such a good little plant I hope yours turns out similar, ide love to run a SOG of those things.
Wish they made a golf leaf auto


If yours stretch any thing like mine have. You are going to have some trees there :grin: You are probably looking at about 3’ or more of stretch from what the pictures look like :open_mouth: :grin:


Update January 12, 2021:

BBG at the back, two DT/C99 clones in 2 gallon/Promix and one NL auto

A big ball of DT/C99 clones in an ebb and flow setup

DT/C99 in Autopot

GDP in Autopot

Group shot

@MattyBear @Covertgrower @dbrn32 @Not2SureYet it’s getting kinda crowded…


I spy with my little eye



Thus my question to you on what strips I should be buying along with a driver. I made sure to bring heatsink material along. I’ll give you a call later today and maybe we can talk about it. Before I start toking lol.


I vote cutter. Plc or wait for new chilled :grin:


Sounds good!

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Looking full in there, those definitely respectable sized plants!
What’s the one with funny leaves in front right corner? Looks like a clone.

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It’s a rosemary plant haha. My wife’s.


Haha. I thought it was a cannabis plant. Far away looks sativa like.


They have grow a lot since I was here last. I like that they are off the floor too. Would you have a picture of the stand your rez is on :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s identical to the table I gave you lol. It stands about 6" higher than the plant tables, just outside the grow space.


How are you finding the system working for you Alan?

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I’ve got deficiencies showing on two plants and not sure whether Jack’s or the Autopots is the problem. I just flushed the Durban Thai this a.m. and changed rez. Trying a little higher TDS (1,080 ppm) with cal mag added and we’ll see if that helps.


Yeah I always seem to have to bump up my cal nitrate still haven’t found the sweet spot yet.

Update 18 January:

The ebb and flow tray is going nuts. I had to lower the table 9 inches and still a bit close. Stretch is done I believe. That’s 10 plants, each in a 4" square pot full of hydroton and nothing else, sitting in a 20 X 16" clear tote. Jack’s currently running at 1,320 ppm

Durban Thai/Cindy 99

GDP is just a raggedy looking plant

BBG in the back, 2 DT clones in fabric pots, 1 NL auto in a Solo cup and my wife’s Rosemary plant lol

Getting some cute little baby flowers.

Rez change yesterday on all plants, upped the TDS to 1,300 ppm with Armor Si and Cal Mag as I’m seeing what looks like defs on the DT/C99 mother and the GDP. That is to package recommendations plus my 130 ppm tap water.

I’m right on the edge of green/yellow on the VPD chart so I’m happy there (75F/55% RH daytime).

@imSICKkid what say you on upping TDS on the Jack’s from 900 to 1,300?


I think you’ll be fine to be honest @Myfriendis410 but a close eye will help.
You added cal mag? Because you had some laying around I’m Supprized you didn’t just add more cal nitrate. Then again if I had straight calcium I would probably be using it in my grow to.
I’ve been upping my cal nitrate to try and battle cal deficiencies that seem common with blasting so much light.


I say hammer down. Until she tells you otherwise! You ought to grab a bag of the MKP for a few bucks on amazon.


Yeah I second that. Mkp is recommended not only in Jack’s but also in my chemgro.
Think I’m going to be buying a bag soon

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I dont really think its “recommended” with Jack’s per say. But if you are one of those guys that HAS TO HAVE a bloom booster then it’s a good choice to go with the Jacks