Fumic acid+Humic acid+Mycorrhizae, compared to not.... in olive trees

just a thread to see if there is any noticeable increase in growth in 2/4 olive trees with 1/4 teaspoon probiotics (white shark), and 10mls humibooster.

treated trees in the thinner gauge cages,

thicker guage received h20 only.

if they die and it is highly likely, (pretty close to summer) this thread will die too, :smiley:

ill check back in in a month or five.

take it easy.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Of course there gonna die you didn’t treat groudon that’s strait red clay with 0 food u added u only added stuff in the aid of break down of food which isn’t present you should if dug a bigger whole and added a bed of good soil and atleast gave your self a fighting chance

All trees re quire N p k

hey mate,

I know. its yellow silt/ red volcanic acid soil.

and as per instructions-

Do not add fertiliser
do not add compost.
do not add soil.
dig the hole as tight to the previous pot size as possible to force them into the soil, and not being root bound, if the soil becomes a pot.
especially in deficient soil.


which is the only reason I bothered documenting it.

because its only that- nothing else.

mate, it was a fight just getting my misses to let me put the Mycorrhizae, and humibusta in there.

Lol still do research h on the type of tree illl bet the prized ones are fed well

Olives. research was done.

And they dont eat any food…

They grow in the worse ground naturally.

they get top fed after the roots take but not too much, then you form mounds to keep the roots cool.

hey man im no expert… but they want the roots in natural ground not potting mix, I could kill them.

Australia does have different advice too, hotter, dryer, but good soil

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hey bud,

think more

misses project, the rainfall here is going to be lucky to hit 150mm (6 inches) this year.

but what they say is plant in low densities with nothing to make the roots force themselves into the soil. idk where she got it from but I just found this: https://www.wikihow.com/Grow-Olives

there is conflicting info.

the main thing I want to try is to see if the 2.5 gms of beneficial bacteria and fungus and the 10mls of humic acid/ fluvic acid make as big a difference as they say.

I don’t really care if they die, were going to be planting a lot next year- like a hectare, or half. low density .

they are getting watered for the summer.

I do don’t get It this is just a test I thought youd’ like to see as well.

we don’t need to argue how to plant trees. :slightly_smiling_face:

any how, I just asked her, shed rang a place that grows olives near hear that makes olive oil, and they told her to plant them like that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good test, I’m interested to see the results.

Must be a super slow grower huh…

their like weeds, so they can handle the dry harsh environment might make better fruit idk,

on the coast at mum and dads you cant chop them down fast enough… we have some that we use like a fence, like u cant get through.

Oh damn I’m thinking it’s like figs they grow slow as shit

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I grow so much fruit never tried olives

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I think they will be slow out west though