Full spectrum or adjustable wave LED

Spreading the lights out for more coverage

I think you give yourself a lot of flexibility doing it that way, as opposed to 1 or 2 large fixtures.

Just out of curiosity, what are you expecting to spend on that? Have you looked outside of Amazon for different options?

I don’t want to say what you’re looking at doing is wrong, because it’s definitely not. But when I look at the lights you’re choosing, I feel like you could do a little better. The king lights are fairly solid for a start to finish light in that price range. But I don’t personally look at them as an ideal veg only light. The Mars light kind of fits the same category, pretty good all around, but since you’re looking to run them in a flowering only tent, there may be some better options.

Of course that’s all depending on what you expect out of your grow, and how big your budget is. But if it were me, I’d probably look for something with more blue light to veg with. Then move your king lights to flowering tent, and if you wanted more light for flowering add a fixture to the 2 kings.

Again, that’s just an alternative to what you were looking at doing. I feel like having 2 tent with the kings and another tent with the Mars gives you 2 tents that would ideally go start to finish. Since you’re going to separate your stages, you may as well try to optimize the lighting situation.


@dbrn32 I think that’s some solid advice bro woohoo
:cowboy_hat_face: :v: CB

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So just far just over 4 weeks into my first indoor grow I’m very pleased with the 1200 watt King plus lights
I’m growing 5 Cronic Widows now

I’m in a real room not a tent
I guess what I really want to do is be able to start to finish plants from seed in room 1 and put mothers and clones in room 2

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Just went though your grow, I dig the room! @hillbilly103

So the room is 4x8, how do you plan on separating the veg area from flower area? I thought I had seen 4x4 somewhere, so I apologize for thinking you were in two 4x4 tents.

Or am I completely lost here @hillbilly103? Are you building a different room?

Yes completely separate room that will only share the exhaust port through the outside wall.
It’ll even have its own 30amp power circuit
I’ll be harvesting 4 of the Cronic Widows and keeping 1 as a mother for cloning
Next crop will be Gold Leaf - grow 5, harvest 4 and mother & clone the 5th
8 of the Mars 300’s will run me $560 which is well within my budget for the room

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Ok, let me run my thoughts by you and see where you’re at…

The thing with mothers and clones is that not only do they require very little light, it’s usually in your best interest to minimize the light beyond what’s needed. You want them to have enough light to grow healthy, but kind of at a slower rate. If that makes sense?

A 2x4 area is generally enough for a couple mom’s and clone dome. And a 4 bulb t5 fixture or even one of the $60 150 CFL grow fixtures makes the ideal lighting for that scenario.

If you’re aspiring for more than that, that’s completely fine too. I’m looking at solely from my perspective, but that’s what I’d do. Then take at least a portion of the remaining money, and look at getting into some cob lighting. Nothing crazy, maybe a 200-250 watt bar at about 3500k. I would put it between the 2 king lights in the flowering area.

All things considered, you’d probably spend less on lighting going about it like this. And I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s better, but maybe more practical for the application? Even if you absolutely want another 4x4 room, throw 2 of those CFL grow lights in there. Or a 2x4 t5. At 5000-6500k the fluorescent light really does a good job.

My bad on the room size, my existing room and the new room will and are 4x8x8 feet
I’d like to have 4 mothers and clones in the same room. Another reason for the 8 separate lights.
Turning on as many as needed
I could build the second room as 2 rooms in 1 keeping mothers and clones separate

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You can really layout the rooms however you feel best. But you understand where I was going with thought of possibly using fluorescent for your mom’s and clones? Fluorescent is really good in that application regardless of price. It just so happens that it’s really cheap, reliable, and hassle free too.

What you’re looking at isn’t a bad idea. I was just looking at how to make your money work a little harder for you.