Full spectrum LED review


Stumbled upon 6 1200w Full spectrum LED’s for a very cheap price, can someone who knows their stuff review these and tell me if they’re worth getting?


Have to watch out for LED’s if to good to be true it is not, look at “1,000 Bulbs” also believe this site might have LED’s


They are China made brands , if you really want your money worth , look into Apache Tech LED lights , Advance LED XTE 350 dimmeable light or the Diamond Series 300 dimmeable , which has 3-5 year warranties , plus they are pure wattage and very strong lights , but I hear good things about the MarsHydro lights P300 & P600 . Now this is just my opinion , but it really depends on what you like or what you willing to pay .


Okay thanks, the chinese side of things made me sceptical. And numbers sorta didnt add up. Money not really too muchnof issue, just looking for strong intense LED’s :slight_smile:


Look at Kind or Advance LED , Blackdog Platium is good , Apache a tech AT models is awesome lights , the MarsHydro I hear good things on the P300 & P600 . But I have an Advance LED XTE model 200 and it works great .


Okay @yoshi thanks! Be sure to look at them all, some pictures of your LED be much appreciated??


I have the bottom model XTE 200


Thanks :slight_smile:, i was just looking at the top one. How do you use you LED? Like is it used on its own or with other lights?.
Thanks yoshi.


I used it alone in my first two grows and it done really well , but I had a 400 watt Chinese model led that came with the tent , so when I had the two autos growing and realized I didn’t have enough light with the Advance XTE 200 by itself , I added the other light with the Advance light and what a difference in yield but I also changed nutrients so I don’t know exactly where my increased came from honestly , so this grow I’ll know more with same lighting and a different nutrient line .


Awesome! Aslong as i dont need a HPS with my LED’s.


Now if you lived in a cold climate vegging with led and flowering with HPS will be a great combination , but if you have a small space like my lil tent , than you don’t want to create anymore heat than a Strong LED panel will put out verses a HPS light .


Makes sense! I was half planing on turning a 30ft shipping container into a hydroponic set up. But i havnt quite got the money!!


You will definitely need some ducking to control Temperture in a steel shell .


Even with just LED lighting?? That plan is along way from now so i got time to learn and prepare


If you run lets say Apache Techs AT600 which I think runs the coolest out of any LED light , you still have to move air around and through the plants , so it will require ducting at some point .


Yeah, if i do id use fans and ducting which leads to a carbon filter to remove any smell from the air.


Just to blow on the plants also , the fresh you air moving the better your plants will thrive .


i assume normal room fans would do job fine?


Great idea though woulda nice grow space .


I am running the Advance LED XTE 350 they they are high, but what a light. as the saying goes you get what you pay for. In this case you can’t go wrong.This is in three weeks