Full spectrum grow light

I have a two-stage full spectrum grow light whenever I flip the second switch it emits a bright white that is for the budding process correct

Probably it needs more light for flower

Yeah I’m just trying to figure out if I’m supposed to have them on in the beginning or I should turn them on in the end

I had a couple two switch blurple lights and I would use both switches for the entire grow except while they were seedlings :seedling: I used the veg switch only for about two weeks. I’m not sure what lights you have so I’m not 100% sure on how yours should be, but weed loves light

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They’re supposed to be 2, 000watt when I turn the main switch on it’s just the colorful pink standard full spectrum light but when I flip the second switch on it puts out a lot of bluish white light it kind of overwhelms the pink looking color if that helps any if I remember correctly when I ordered them they said the second switch was for the flowering and budding right before I cut them down but that’s from a distributor and I was hoping to get a Little help from some growers that probably actually know what they’re talking about

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It’s really hard to tell what you have but a guess 2,000w is probably close to 300w of actual draw which is more than double the ones I have they said 600w and my meter said 113w but every light salesperson has a different lie lol I would still run them with both of the switches on. As for flower n veg the pink is probably going to be flower

Oh some lights will have a sticker that will show the actual watts, amps

It would be a lot easier to advise you if you posted what type of light and model number. I coubt you have a 2,000 watt light. :slight_smile:

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I second that. They are most likely using the 2000w as an equivalent (most likely lies), or as a max for what the LED could do, before it burned out within 5 minutes. It’s a bluple obviously, most of their manuals say to use both switches after seedling stage. Dead give away that they are not what’s advertised. Unless you’re spending north of $1000 there are no really reputable blurples. All Chinese fakes.

Reputable light manufacturers that aren’t on the extreme end of the spectrum use white light.

. I still do notwho they is in tegard to this topic. I see it as buyer;s misconception. I have seen many growers buy lights based on the model number (LED), assuming that the light’s model # is the watts.

Easy example. A Nats 300 is 140 watts. the company does not lie about it, consimers…well, just assume that it would be 300 watts, as would have probably been the case with HID lamps. IMO

Not trying to go off topic. Just what I suspect. If you’re in veg and have switches for veg/flower. I bet your user manual will open you eyes to it’s use. And viability. Since it will surely tell you to use both starting in veg.