Full spectrum 100 w LED?

I’m new to this and have progressed through trial and failure until I overcame my fear of the internet and found this site. I have full spectrum 100 W LED lights that has " 150PCS High-Efficiency 2835 SMD LEDchips:100 red + 35 blue + 10 white +5 IR ( Red 620-660nm, blue 440-460 nm, IR 730, white 3500k - 6000k)

When I bought my first two bulbs there was a very dramatic improvement in the veg growth. After reading posts about lights I now know there is much to learn. I have very little money and am living on my SS hence the desire to grow my own so I can make edibles. I have a small 4 X 8 space and 10 of these lights, basically one for each plant. I positioned the lights 2 inches from the seedlings and pretty much kept them this close thought the process. I grew ww auto and had my first successful grow but I was disappointed a bit with the yield

these lights fit a standard bulb socket that I want to keep using. I am wondering if there are better bulbs that will fit the socket I am using so I can upgrade when I need to replace a bulb. also any comments on how close the plant needs to be to the light will be appreciated

Those are probably no where near enough. You should look into an actual light fixture, even a cheap one off Amazon would be better than those single screw ins

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They pull 20w ea. So, you basically have 200w at the wall. Cannabis requires 50w/sq ft of that type of lighting for proper flowering. Meaning you’ve got enough light for a 2’x2’ grow if you group them together. So, basically enough for 1 med sized plant.

I recommend this light

Only pulls 380w of power also :slight_smile:

That’s not to much more than what he’s running now. If you go LED go with QB boards. Few more bucks for way more yields!


I have an HLG 100 that I am forced to flower with in my veg tent. @12” it is 37,000 lux. The light is $149 and isn’t blurple.


Is blurple bad?

You’re disappointment is definitely because your space in under powered in lighting department. There are a lot of options for lights available, I would hesitate to call any of them cheap trying to get a 4x8 up to speed.

How much flower do you need on a monthly basis?


Not so much bad, as it’s inefficient and marketed to be higher power than it is.

Like using an f250 as your commuter car. It’ll get you there, but there are much less expensive ways to travel.


As stated. I live on a ss check so money is scarce. I need to first , make do with what I have now and also make sure I know what I need to save for to buy next. I like the led lights because they don’t generate heat.

so do I have this right. My last grow was one light per plant. If I need 50w would not three lights per plant work if my lights ar 20 w? Im confused by your comment that I need all 10 lights for a 2x2 or for one plant

That’s an hid number, based off of typical radiometric flux per watt of an hps bulb. If you want to do it right, you would shoot more for getting light intensity levels to hit recommended daily light integral for cannabis.


Wow. I do not understand any of this. I am old and a slow learner. For now it looks like I have a pretty steep learning curve before I spend any more money. So for the rank amateur, if I had limited success with 1 bulb would I improve, for the present , if I put three or four lights per plant?

I don’t know. Maybe an ounce

I asked in this forum if I put three of my bulbs per plant will this move me in the right direction for now. the [Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 100 V2 LED - 100W 1 Quantum Boards] is recommended and is $149. will this work for both the veg and flower stages

I was reading this study and they tested 50 different lights and found the Bestiva light I have is the most bang for your buck. I’ll pull the article up again and post it here so you guys can go through it also.

Yeah this light will work. Lookin at the light spectrum it shoots of a lot of unnecessary green light but that’s okay, plants just don’t use green light at all.
If it has a veg and bloom switch always keep both on! More light more food!
I recommend only having the bloom on when you are transferring to 12/12 light cycles to induce flowing. But switch veg/bloom back on after about a week into your flowing stage.

I’m not sure how they could form an opinion without considering sphere data.

If you only need an ounce a month, I would look at shrinking down your area and just doing it well. You should be able to pull 6-8 ounces every 3-4 months out of a 3x3 space on decent grow. More experienced members with good equipment are doing 10-12 ounces pretty regularly.

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Holy cow! I have a lot to learn

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Thank you so much for helping me!!! you actually use the Bestiva light with good success? if I buy one for your recommended 4x4 space how many plants in 4 gal buckets do you think would work under this light and how high do you place the light over the plants?