Full of life: BudBrother’s No-till gardening with probiotics by incorporating KNF practices into your cannabis growing style

Welcome to my topic Y’all. Many of you know me well after my many years on this forum, and others will be new but welcome to my topic. A brief introduction:

I’m a medical grower in the State of Florida, Central Florida, to be exact as I can be; but it’s still illegal to grow here. Those laws won’t be changing any time soon. So in my constitutionally protected right to the pursuit of happiness, I provide my own medicine. I never sell my herbs or other. Any possible law enforcement reading this journal, this is not a confession to anything you deem to be illegal. I have been Dr. approved for my med card, but that’s as far as that got. Even if I could afford the card, I couldn’t afford their fees or to buy their industrial grown shit; nor would I want to. I have standards for fuq sake!!

I have a passion for animals, nature, psychedelics and growing cannabis. It has saved my life! I was headed down a dark path for a while. I currently have multiple medical conditions to deal with, and am cash poor. I must grow my own meds to survive; unfair and illogical laws be dammed! That doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice on potency or quality or have to spend a lot to do so.

Every waking moment is spent researching cannabis or privately helping and instructing other ILGM members. Obviously, I don’t get out much. Daily, I gain valuable insight and knowledge on different growing environments, methods and perspectives. My life is enriched by my fellow stoners. Many of you have become family! Thanks, you keep me coming back to this forum.

I’m trying to grow the best product I can, with the the zero budget that I have. Ima fan of KNF, Korean natural farming practices and incorporating them for cost effective ways to accomplish my agricultural goals. It’s primary focus is on the dynamics of the soil food web, and maintaining a healthy micro heard of beneficial bacteria, fungi, worms and other soil life; to establish and maintain a thriving and varied, natural composting, mini ecosystem. Sound complex? Did I mention I don’t get out much? I smoke a lot of weed though; I seriously meant to.

I produce and prepare everything I can grow or make myself for use in my grows. At first, it was out of necessity, but now I actually prefer it. I do it to grow sum tasty ass weed! Taste and quality of my meds speak for them self’s. I will only recommend what I have or had used in the past.

Shameless plug time, I grow primarily using

products. So accept the fact that I will refer you to their site frequently. Don’t waste my time utill you’ve read their info, and then you can come to me with your questions. If you take the time, the BaS team taken the time, to provide you useful facts and how to use product info. I’m not sponsored by them! I can afford to shop there, and I spend my pennies wisely. I wish I could say, nickels and dimes there lol, I really do.

I’d appreciate keeping the socializing on my topic to a minimal, please. Don’t get me wrong! I’m all about the learning and open discussions, and hopefully, there will be plenty of that. I’m really not about trying to sift out info amongst loads of chit chat. That’s how valuable info may get missed. I also hate repeating myself, when I don’t have to.

To many happy grows and the knowledge we attain together. Happy growing smilie_s5 :v: Stay Mesicated!!


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By the way people, I tend to measure things in palms and handfuls and 2-3 finger pinches. I’ll try to start actually measuring shit, but mostly that really doesn’t matter with this style. Oh and don’t ask me about the ph. I don’t PH!!


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