Full flower, then Vegging again?

My 3 month old G-13 feminized decided to flower early outdoors for a full 7 weeks, almost finished, when she was 5 weeks old, then poof! She decided she wanted to grow again. She was outside in a 10 gallon pot just living the life when she made the change. My question: Should I chop or wait for this to finish? She has been moved into a tent now and starting to look sad, but still growing. I have never had one to do this before, but our weather has been playing hell with our vegetable garden too. Not sure what is happening. Her taste is great and the effects are awesome on a clipped bud I tried out. Her main bud is huge too and very tightly packed. This is a pic of her now.


If shes where you want her to be effect wise, then chop chop chop

You could always selectively harvest and then let her go through her re-veg. I had a re-veg last grow and she actually turned out pretty nice.

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Cool. I tasted some this morning and she is getting to the point of super couch-lock so I chopped her. Her twin sisters are starting their flowering now at 3 months old, outdoors.Not sure why she decided to go early, but I’m gonna enjoy what I can. Thanks for the feedback.

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Might be fun next time to take most of it then re-grow it! I’m dying to try that but I grow outdoors so unless I do that to an auto, it might not work