Full Flower Eclipse Moon Seed Drop Reminder -- Are you ready?

Just a reminder for everyone. Sunday (15th) is seed drop day for the Full Flower Eclipse Moon Seed Drop Event. I’m soaking today, germinating Fri/Sat and planting into pods on Sunday. Here we go.

Want to join in – here’s the thread for the event.

Details Full Flower Eclipse Moon -- Seed Drop - May 15 -- Join the Fun


My tents are full already but know what I’ll give it a shot with you i will drop a ILGM sour diesel is there going to be a dead line for flowering cause it might be a little while before i can flower but i can keep updating here if you dont mind


Nope, no deadlines. We’re all growing all kinds of strains so it’s just about having some fun together.


Yippie…sunday right around the corner…


I dropped two seeds into water. They were gifted, with no history and just the have fun words. I gave her some seeds years ago (hopefully, not the same ones).

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