Full Flower Eclipse Moon -- Seed Drop - May 15 -- Join the Fun

My god she finally broke out her shell :rofl::roll_eyes: she sprouted with it in and couldn’t shake it for 2/3 days! Hopefully she’ll survive

My Pink Moon White Widow Express Auto (outside)


You are so awesome. I’m glad to still have plants in the game, then. :potted_plant: :potted_plant: :potted_plant: :potted_plant:

Gotta be back in the game. I don’t know how, but I will.

Strawberry moon baby on the rise.

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Calling all moonies, and moonies to be… the July full moon will be Tuesday morning, June 14, 2022, appearing opposite the sun in Earth-based longitude at 7:52 a.m. EDT.

It’s my favorite moon – The Full Buck Super Moon. Bucks shed and regrow their antlers each year, producing a larger and more impressive set as the years go by. The full moon in July is called the Buck Moon because the antlers of male deer (bucks) are in full-growth mode at this time.


Plan to plan your seeds “on the moon”, on July 14.


Well, today I think I’m going to dismantle my wicking tub that my moon babies are in. It DOES work, so I’m considering the proof of concept idea a success! So why am I taking it down? The idea was that these would (next year) be on pallets in a pond where I wouldn’t have to check on them, maybe once a month until they get close. They would only get food from the soil they are in. Well, these are in my back yard where I see them all day long. I want these moonies to grow big and potent, they are going to need food! I feed the others, these are feeling neglected!
And the big blue tub stands out like a sore thumb too. Neighbours might wonder why some of my tomatoes are in buckets but these others are in a blue tub!

I also found someone looking for seeds for a friend of his. Replied and said I had no seeds but I have 4 clones I just got but I can’t take care of, have to go outta town this summer. Little white lie between growers! So he is picking them up tomorrow for $25. That leaves me 10 bigger clones about a foot tall. Once my Bruce Banner auto finishes in the tent next week (hopefully!), I will cram those 10 (6 9lb Hammers and 4 Dutch Treats) into the tent with the 2 flowering plants left in there (the mothers!)

This is the rootball off of the smallest clone. Not bad for $6.25, taxes in!

This will leave me with 4 legal plants outside in the growbags, 2 BBa moonies and a clone of each, and 12 plants in my 4x4 tent, 2 of which were flipped to 12/12 on the original Full Eclipse Moon Day Seed Drop. And the BBa in the dry box in the corner of my tent! “Stack 'em, pack 'em and rack 'em!” (Die Hard 2)


This is great stuff. Congrats on the test run. I would have given anything if I would have had someone to take my 4 moonies. Killing them, killed me.

Rock on Spud.

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@GrnyGrows bless you :weary::pray:t2:

Thanks @GrnyGrows . I know how you feel. I tossed the remaining cuttings I had rooting out, and there were 3 in there that were ready for transplanting! Tossed the lot.

I’m glad I can unload these small 4. I get to keep the 10 biggest! And I only have 10 containers about 1/2 gallon size that those will go in! Small, but I can feed them daily, and once they get rootbound hopefully they won’t grow much taller! Since as soon as they go in the tent, they are on a 12/12 schedule, hopefully by end of September they will be done!

Any luck on finding a lot? Are you set on Virginia, or any state that allows you to grow?

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Happens to also be my birthday :partying_face:
Guess I’m waiting a month to drop my next seed batch - can’t wait.


Thanks my friend. I’m OK now, sort of… so much time on my hands now. The final harvests are drying – still 6 girls to get to the finish line – into Grove bags.

We aren’t set on VA. But I’m an East Coast gal who loves warmer weather. Plus, I don’t want to get too far from family. I’ll be a Gr8Grny again in Dec. and want to be near my great grandson. VA isn’t near – but it’s closer than CO or NM.

Awesome. I can’t wait to watch the Birthday Full Buck Super Moon babies grow into monsters that make you happy.

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Understand that! My daughter is expecting her first Dec 28th, so I’ll be a Grandfather for the first time! Fortunately, she and her fiancé bought a place 10 miles from us and are moving into an apartment they just bought June 30th!

I might turn her old closet into a little veg room!



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Congrats!! My daughter bought here own place about 3 miles away just over a year ago… lol, I hope it works out because I have her whole room full!! :joy:


@GrnyGrows I just went out to water my Bruce Banner auto moon babies…they are both starting to show pubes! I’ll take some pics when it gets light tomorrow. I did take them out of their self-wicking system, it worked, proof of concept was good, but with just regular dirt, they look hungry. Of course, they’ve been outside for a month of rainy days, only got sunny this last week. Hope they finish up by the end of September!

Hope you are keeping well and your search for a new pad is going well!


Moon baby that was late to the party cos cold weather nights but she survived but also took about a week to shake the shell :sunglasses::sunglasses: white widow express auto


My Strawberry Moon Shiva babies had samples sent for sex testing this morning.


Great news on the moonies. Can’t wait to see them. Now that I’ve completed the clean up here – the search will be on in earnest.

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