Frustrating seed waste


I am getting really frustrated wasted seeds.
This is another seed which will not grow!
It’s AK47 in coir, Perlite and little plain soil.
As you can see, the leaves comming out but no up grow or bigger leaves.
Suspected inferior seeds or old stock pushing out.
Does anyone, please have any idea or similar problem?
I also ordered some seeds from ILGM, to try some quality but never arrived :-1::angry::cry:.
Frustrating as.


If I could I’d send you some bag seeds so you wouldn’t be wasting the good ones!

To start your seeds I wouldn’t use “plain soil” in the mix. You can successfully sprout and grow seeds in coco/perlite mixtures. I just read a great article in the magazine “Maximum Yield” all about growing with coco and the benefits of doing so.

I’m not sure of what problem you’re having, do you know the pH of your soil? Or the pH of your runoff?

What are you watering them with, tap water, spring water, any nutrients? How often are you watering? Is there any air movement where the sprouts are growing?


Appreciate your mail.
I did try just coir and have same thing going.
I use just water after 24 hrs stand still.
My lights are led.
Not sure about pH, usually i check this when plants are little bigger.
Not really sure what is happening with this.


How long ago did you order from ilgm? If it’s been five weeks I’d let them know and get it sent out again.


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So very true


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How old is it, and what’s it in? I’ve got two pepper plants one in bad soil and one in fox farm. First is about an inch tall and other is huge.


I am a notorious seed and sprout killer. It’s my weak area. It’s also about the most difficult to get thru because so many things can cause issues and the kids are not big enough to fight it off.

The number one thing that kills seeds is over soaking. Sprouts I have killed mostly from bad soil, soil that won’t hold water, or soil that is pre fertilized.

LEDs come in all shapes and qualities. I use two cheap LEDs to start my sprouts but they are not that good quality so I have to have them closer than recommended to get them to work.

If you can, get some good soil like Fox Farms Happy Frog or their Seed Starter.

I would get a copy of the Grow Bible for a good starting read.


I can’t get fox farm in Australia
It’s not the first time i grow. Previously i have grown in just soil and come out good.
The soil was already mix with nutrients.
This one is mix of coir peat, little plain soil and Perlite.
It helds water and it’s not over watered.
I’m just putting on genetics and will try another seed.