Frustrating Hold-Out Gorilla Glue Auto

Hey there, I started this GGA on April 5th along with a Bruce Banner Auto and a Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Auto. Both the GSCEA and the BBA are finished as of last week and now im looking at this wonderful GGA and its making me really think something isn’t right…the sugar leaves that have been yellowing as expected during late flower are now dying off and crunching away…I’ve been keeping a close eye on the trichomes and I havent seen any noticeable change in maturity in over these past 2 weeks while the other 2 finished off. Reading about thw strain on ILGM is says that GGA is one of the easiest beginner grows haha Im having a pretty tough time. Yesterday I decided to move it outside and see if anything changes as I was considering perhaps the crunchy yellowing leaves are from some sort of over exposure or light burn from my hps hid indoor set up in the mylar tent. photos below: please!!! Someone tell me something useful:


I have read that the Guerilla Glue doesn’t like too much intense light. I learned this the hard way by finishing off my 9 x GG Autos under my 600W HPS and ended up burning the trichomes resulting in a very harsh smoke ( but still gets me very high! ) I should have just been patient and continued with the LED set up. There were other contributing factors like a cal-mag deficiency because the pre-mixed coco I used hadn’t been buffered.
Perhaps one of the more experienced growers on the forum can shed more light on your issue


@Myfriendis410 @Covertgrower @MidwestGuy @PurpNGold74 @BobbyDigital anyone have an idea to bring her to finish line. She is looking a bit rough with some time left yet.

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The last photo looks like mold or mildew to me. I’m not certain, but it looks like it. I would spray her with a dilute mixture of hydrogen peroxide. Even if it isn’t mold, peroxide won’t hurt the plant. It looks like it is only affecting the leaves at this point. You won’t want mold getting on your buds and inducing bud rot.

Peroxide won’t be toxic and it isn’t a solvent for trichomes and won’t damage them.

There’s not a whole lot you can do at this point other than nurse her to the finish line.


GG also tends to foxtail pretty easily.

Nutrient mixture?

All can prolong or cause foxtails…

The leaves look like a deficiency. Not sure which, but ur buds arent suffering much

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