Frustrated newby

First Grow. Ok got the Jack Herer auto seeds sprouted and in the ground just fine. Only 3 of the five grew and I am confused. They were all sprouted as directed in the journal. No problems had the root growing in the seeds and placed in potting soil. If you can see the photo you will see i got one giant and two stunted plants out of the five seeds. They have all been grown the same way. Why the big discrepancy in plant size and performance.

This is how it goes. No seed is genetically alike. This is why I don’t like Autos…they do what they want, when they want. I love Photos as I have complete control.


Thanks for the quick reply. You know at 69 you would think I would know a little more than I do about this. Its just that after 8 weeks you would think that all the plants would be growing about the same. Especially when you consider its inside in a grow tent, Fed the same, watered the same, same pots, soil and stuff. Go figure.

Well as a virgin I tried the easy way. So far so good and I will say I am learning a few things. The giant plant is looking real good though. I have to say…never seen one that big before. My weed generally comes in a baggie.


The top 3 photos is of my GSC Beast. The one is a small nug off of it. The last photo is almost what this grow cycle looks like with the 4 plants being 6+ feet tall.


Welcome ! @r00ster28287 am I seeing a clear plastic tent, autos also needs a dark cycle. Just my thoughts good luck with your autos.

I do not have the room for this but boy if I did…Why don’t you move next door to me. I will help you dispose of this properly…:sunglasses:

Do you mind if we turn this into a discussion about your setup @r00ster28287 ?

You will need something bigger than what you are using. I’ve seen some killer crops of Autos from different members. Lights to me is the most important investment. It will help you get dense nugs as I call them. You can see the one small nug I posted.

Story…I did my research and from all that I read the Viparspectra PAR600 was a solid light. My GSC Beast grew under one of these for 4 months and I finished with my 2 HLG 260xl rspec lights. I learned about HLG after joining here. Best investment ever at a reasonable price tag.

nope not at all. What I have is a grow tent with 2 led type grow lights and an old lamp. Nothing fancy at all. I give them water every other day and then feed them on the other days. 2 Tsp of fertilizer in 2.5 liter soda bottle of water. Every other day they get a shot in a shot glass.

Maybe I should start looking for grow lights. I just started putting this together in November. On a very limited budget. I will be doing this again I think.

What you are using now won’t produce a lot of buds. You just don’t have the lights for a awesome harvest.

Before you decide to purchase a light, ask here before hand. Why? I didn’t join here till Sept 23rd, 2019 and I have been growing since May 2018. I ended up wasting $450 on two lights and then spent another $799 on my two HLG lights. Live and learn.

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@r00ster28287 I am going to tag you in my grow journal. I have to take my weekly pictures today but you can get an idea of the system I built on a budget. The folks here have been incredibly awesome. I am still fighting the thought of spending a fortune on lights but my 2 LED lights seem to be working incredibly and when I take measurements on the light it is above what is suggested and I spent less than $200 on my two lights. I have had some tell me the newer triple chip lights are way better than even the very similar dual-chip versions. Over on my journal where I am going to tag you I have everything I bought listed with Amazon links.

I think you underestimated the size of a mature plant, based on that little enclosure. You could fit one Jack Herer (auto or otherwise) in a small tent like that. That’s an easy mistake to make.

I can’t tell if that enclosure allows for controlled ventilation; the advantage of even the cheapest indoor tents is they allow you to run a ducted fan with a humidistat or thermostat to turn it on and off. I feel like the one you have is meant to be used outdoors for seed starting, but it’s less than ideal for this purpose.

As far as lighting goes, if you purchase a 32”x32”x5’or6’ tent and run a Mars Hydro TS 1000 in there over a single plant, you’re going to see a huge improvement over the ones you have now. If you can spend more, we can help you get more efficient equipment and/or produce more. It’s a question of adequately lit square footage.

I’m curious if that larger plant isn’t just stretching more than it’s cohort. Or if it isn’t closer to a window that might give some sun.


It may seem like a gut punch to have someone tell you “go spend $200 on equipment if you want real results” but I’ll note that I just spent $300 on an ounce. Once you’re set up correctly, you can reduce the marginal cost to less than $30 an ounce indoors.

Marginal cost is the expense to produce one additional unit, and doesn’t consider the cost of existing equipment. It’s usually just material, consumables, and labor.


Valid point but there are 2 big issues.

  1. If someone simply does not have the money. Broke means broke. We live on an extremely tiny budget. If I have $100 to blow I’m all giddy and 99% of the time it goes to “prepping/survival” type things.

  2. Trying to ease into something new and constantly hearing how you will fail because you didn’t spend the $700 you didn’t have on lights to begin with gets frustrating and in many cases will push people away.

I deal with this all the time. Our news organization talks a lot about prepping and survival. We constantly deal with gear elitists tell folks if they don’t have the $400 backpack they are going to lose all their gear and die. They will actually indicate to others that if you cannot buy what they see as the best then you shouldn’t get anything at all.

I highly encourage @r00ster28287 to do his research. I’m nowhere near a hair as knowledgeable as most here but I do know how this works. For instance my $20 Sawyer Mini water filter will filter water just as well as a several hundred dollar Katadyn filter and if my memory serves correct will filter more capacity than the Katadyn.

I’m sure those $700 lights are sweet. I indeed wish I had some. But lets help a dude step up gently.

Maybe it’s just me but when I see someone say “limited budget” I know exactly what that means.

Not trying to bust anyones balls here. Just being real.


Check your local craigslist or facebook marketplace for people selling grow lights.
Sometimes you can find a deal on used stuff until you can upgrade.


I would offer that nobody is suggesting that someone on tight budget spend $700.

We just don’t want them to waste those limited funds on deficient equipment, we want every dime spent to give a reasonable return.


At the price of quality seed these days, it seems silly to not have a proper setup to at least pay you back for your investment in some half decent dope!
Not to sound condescending but that set up is not gonna cut it. The plant that is bigger will always be bigger because now the smaller ones are a long ways from the already inadequate light source. The tent is not even big enough for 1 plant let alone 3, and ventilation is mucho importante’ when it comes to growing weed! While what you have there would be more than adequate for seedlings it will not be appropriate for flowering weed. I think you may wish to start from the beginning and re evaluate what you need as a basic starting point. Be prepared to spend 3 - 500 dollars to get a basic thing happening there. Good luck and enjoy. There is much to be learned here from many competent growers, they will serve you well. Start with @dbrn32 for an appropriate light.

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Lights can make or break a grow and a good ph meter and calibration solution to calibrate your ph meter will keep a ton of problems from even happening
If you don’t have the money for a good led lights like a hlg then a 600w hps mh lights would work great for 2 or 3 plants i have gone cheap before only to spend twice that later on when I have problems and pissed because I’m not getting 20oz coke bottle girth buds

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