Frustrated beginner

Thankyou! I’m very much a newbie to weed, never smoked it, but I’ve had edibles a couple times and loved it. I’m very much into growing my own organic veggies, so I thought this would be a fun project! Loving it so far, and everyone here is lovely and supportive :heart_eyes:


I don’t smoke it either. I have a few ill folks that I keep going in pain medication. I also love my organic veggies. The folks around here are fantastic and super supportive :heart:


Nice Potatocato, question candy dawg, chem dawg, mac1, with candy! If that is what you have then you have a sick ass strain. I have the Chem dawg mac1, with Super Lemon Mac

YouTube Mr Growit has a book for beginners hope it helps! Good luck on your grows

Nice to know @Bigdaza that means we aren’t too far from each other. I’m in the Cappy region too :+1:

Nice to meet another Aussie mate :ok_hand:

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I’ve ordered several times and have never seen this “option” so that’s news to me. As far as I knew, ILGM automatically guarantees delivery, no extra “option” required, so hopefully it’s all a misunderstanding as DBRN said too.

What is a massive concern for me is that several Aussies have now said that the cops have turned up on their doorstep after ordering seeds, so where exactly is the “stealth” that’s guaranteed with delivery?

If the cops turn up on my doorstep, with the number of plants and curing buds I have in this house, I can kiss my freedom goodbye…

This has really turned me off ordering again, but since I only have Auto fems, my options are really limited


BStar, that is a major concern and I feel for you I hope everything goes smooth for you bro I do have a question however. Do you guys have marijuana laws for medical marijuana for growing for like somebody like me disabled for life because I have a license on my door. I was just curious to see and also people that are having issues with getting seeds, try 420seeds. My friends order from them but we’re in the States, may be different. The only thing that I can say is try it and see if it works. Let me know if it does and good luck with your grow BStar

Yea dang that’s a worry alright , it’s a concern for us over the ditch too , we all know seed shopping is highly addictive and often can’t be planned in between grows cause being prepared is half the battle , have you got a mate who doesn’t grow that smokes and is cool with sending to them ?

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Thanks buddy :slight_smile: it sounds like I’ve found the right place here! I’m fitting in nicely

@OldSkool i don’t know much about weed, but the place I ordered from said it was chem dawg x candy kush. I have no idea if they’re good strains otherwise (I’ve had edibles a couple times and that’s it, I’m a proper newbie haha). If chem dawg is good, I hope I’ve picked a good one!

@anon33684698 likewise! It looks like we’re pretty limited with resources here in Aus, so it’s nice to know we’re not alone :slight_smile:


Hey Potatocato, you have a nice strain, just keep a close eye on her, she gives you signs, and you see it. Of what she is going to need, nutes and Lst, good luck on your grow.

Cheers @OldSkool no cannabis laws over here unless you live in the Capital City /State, or otherwise there is prescription cannabis oil but I don’t like edibles so that’s all but useless to me…

That’s an idea but I would never place a friend in potential trouble. If seeds will get you in as much trouble as plants or buds then I wouldn’t even consider it :purple_heart:

BStarr, oh that’s great, so disabled people can get medication, awesome. I know what you mean, but the fudge brownies with 10 grams of cookies kief. Just a little piece will have me veggin for half hour. You can barely taste it, I told my doctors I would eat brownies, then take your meds. Doctors were mad! Lol! You should give it a try, see if it helps you.

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here in australia there is only 1 state canberra where its legal to grow,the rest of the states are far behind. you can get medicinal oil from chemist and other places but you personally arent allowed to grow your own. australia seems to be 5-10 yrs behind the usa. someone put up some seed sellers so i am going to see if theyre within australia and if so will be best for me to buy off them. 1 i had a look at was selling a seed named after bergman which makes me think they get there seeds of ILGM BUT RESELLING at higher price.

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Hey thanks mate but I really can’t seem to dose the oil (edible) right - either not enough to touch my pain or just puts me to sleep.
At least with a smoke I can’t tell if I’ve had enough within minutes and it knocks most of the pain, if not all of it, within minutes as well.

I don’t think Aust is anywhere near legalising pot so undercover it is…

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That’s playing dirty… :confused:

Whoa! Wow! 1 place, man bet that place is over populated. Oh man! Been there, knocked out from meds, wake up in a stupor, that’s me. Wow a chemist, whoa! To get oil. Oh man, sounds like Aussies need to push for new legislation in your State. That’s what we did in the mid 90’s my uncle was a big pusher for it. Oh no! What! :flushed::slightly_frowning_face:. No not even cool, just for a markup to control it! That’s garbage. That’ll ended real quickly watch. If you guys are having problems getting seeds, try 420seeds! Hope that helps!

yeah, i had a look at ILGM prices and then this other 1 thats suppose to be in Oz same seeds but the prices from oz were dearer and suppose to be ilgm cultivated seeds so obviously the 1 in oz gets from ilgm and passes on costs.i’d rather pay a bit more and know they wont get confiscated by border force.i put up a new post, hoping to get correct info as 1 site i went to the info i got from there apparently was incorrect. Re: soil, lighting, water/ing and feed.

Bigdaza, man! That’s not even cool, hope this gets cleared up for you Aussie growers. What BS! Look into the other supplier I suggested.

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