Fruity trio, lost ID tags


So I bought the fruit pack last yr, started the seeds this spring and left them out in the rain which promptly destroyed my tags. If I post pics of them, full plants and close ups, are they identifiable? I have very slow wifi so it’s time consuming to post pics and I won’t bother if it’s a long shot.



Post the pictures. We can give it a shot! The smell should be enough once they’re cured :joy:

I’m on really slow DSL part of the time. Upload the pics one at a time and it will help.


Once you get a ways into flowering you could probably squeeze a nug on each and figure it out by the smell.


Group pic


Plant #1


Plant #2


Plant #3


Plants #1 & 2 have similar growing habits but #3 is noticeably more vase shaped…if that helps.


No clue. But them are some sexy plants.


Ha, thanks :slight_smile:


They really are beautiful. Ok thus is t an exact science. But as they said it gets easier as they flower longer.
First. Go look at each strain by flowering time. Should seperate 1 from 2 or something. One may flower 7-9 weeksish. Another maybe a 12-13 weeker.
Another thing is the smells. If i remember the fruity pack they were distinct flavors. Maybe couple of berries. That should also help.
The sativa indica arguement may not help. 1 & 2’s leaves are similar.
So. If all else fails… the best judge of them all. Smoke test. Get 3 good friends. Roll up 2 of each. N taste test them. (After a good dry n cure of course) :wink:

Eyeballing and reading the flavors: Strawberry Kush PineApple Haze n Blueberry. (Very guesswork) but i believe the Pineapple is number 3. More sativa (lanky and thinner) appearance. Long thin main cola distinct (even tho sativas generally flower longer then indica). Its a toss up with one and 2. Ive never grown any of the 3 but if you type in the strains in the search and scroll a few grows im sure you could get a rough feel til u can taste them.


Thanks @PurpNGold74, some good info! I did google the strains but this us only my 2nd grow so I’m still a rookie (who made a stupid rookie mistake). I’m just starting to see the differences. I’ve got seed left so next time my marking will be better!

I’ll definitely be pinching the buds for a smell test and can’t wait to try it out! I grew all WW last year so I’m excited to try different strains.



Haha each grow u learn something new right? Best of luck. N dont forget to poke me when those ladies start to flower


Well, I’ve been doing the sniff test all week. Initially they all smelled the same, fruity. Each day I’d try again and each day I could smell a bit more distinction. Today I think I’ve got it.
#1 - Strawberry
#2 - Blueberry
#3 - Pineapple
Does Blueberry have big colas? Because #2 got tall and fat after a few good rains, they’re noticeably bigger than the other two. #3 is dinky in comparison. They smell awesome though, can’t wait to try some!


All the berries (usually) get crazy fat n dense. Indicas usually dont get as tall ass sativas. But sativas give a HUGE main cola. Think maybe we have bb and pineapple mixed up? :man_shrugging:t5: Wont know til closer to harvest. But im still watching. New pics please :joy::joy::drooling_face::drooling_face:


Heartbreaking… Seeds on all 3 plants. Same as last year so must be ditch weed nearby or another grow. So disappointed, it affected the quality last year, I don’t get even a buzz from smoking it. Thankfully cooking with does the trick but was hoping for smoke worthy this yr. I can’t afford to grow indoors so guess this is my fate :(.


Bummer! Are you able to identify them at least now? From the smell?


@elheffe702 I think so. Blueberry is pretty obvious but having trouble with the other two. They’re all super sticky so I shoved some into my tabletop vaporizer (Arizer Extreme Q), it tasted nice but very little effect. So very disappointing. How do outside growers prevent this?


Cool. It will be more potent and flavorful once it has cured.