Fruity pebbles OG Kush

Fruity pebbles OG kush photos.
8 of 8 sprouted.
Going to have a smaller crop for more room to stretch, and no massive root structure.
Fought the roots almost the full grow.
Mantis from start to finish in the hydroponic producer.


I’m interested in this grow.

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im here watching

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My biggest issue the whole grow was roots.
Luckily they never started to rot until they were ready for flush.
Nice crop from it but was a lot of work.
This was 17 plants in a hydroponic producer.
Hence the 8 plants this grow.


Managed to get over 12 Oz’s.
I’ll take it.


well done, thats awesome

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Can anyone explain what’s happening with a few of my seedlings.
They look weird.