Fruity pebbles grow

has any one fruity pebbles before? I got some seeds from the dutch I dont trust them like here but I wanted it. Got ten seeds from them. they are slow to Germ, put them in Water /porocksise. got 4 plants so far one was a male show his sex fast. I am starting to wonder will the all be male.

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hope these are good pic


She looks nice, maybe a little stretchy, but very healthy. I’ve grown Lil Sebastian, which is Casper OG x Fruity Pebbles, from a dispensary bag seed. She ended up flowering in only 6 weeks :astonished: My journal is here:

That grow started at post #121

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look at the pic I just post is she M?F

Can’t tell from these pics for sure. Could you post some close ups?

Give a min

Looks female to me. The calyx at the node below concerned me, but I don’t see anything indicating male or hermaphrodite.

it’s in the room with a huge b

blue dream so what should I do The blue dream is blooming well for three weeks I think it may give a pound or more. here are some pics

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