Fruity Mix Pack First run


I soaked all seeds in water 24hrs and they all sprouted and were cracking open after the 24 hrs put them into root riot cubes and transplanted to proper 5gal pots yesterday and put the seedlings under 250watt MH light. My equipment is as follows 5x5 tent 1x 400 watt ballast 1x 600 watt ballast good coolair sealed hoods using fox farm ocean forest soil fox farm trio for nutes. running 70% humidity and 75 day 65 night this is only my second grow and first with all proper equipment from the start will post picks asap. I think I have all needed equipment and am understanding the basics I am impressed with robert’s seeds the are monsters so far especially the strawberry and blueberry both fem other kind pineapple haze 1 of them are doing good other one is not gonna make it for reasons unknown the seed def didn’t look as healthy as the other ones did but i’m super happy with everything to do with doing business with the shop.also running 18-6 light any suggestions from the community would be much appreciated. BTW didn’t try all seeds at once 2 of each of which 5 made it 1 pineapple was not gonna make it.


Sounds like you are on your way @xxpain4uxx

I have to admit I feel like that is a lot of plants. Is this your first grow?

How about some pics of what you ate doing?


He never mentioned how many plants… :wink: lol

Maybe I’m over medicated… :wink:

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I have 5 plants in a 5x5 tent still to many? This is not my first grow I plan to scrog and have been growing awhile now but the post says all that so i guess is 5 plants to many in a 5ft x5ftx8ft tent please tell me I got enough room I dont wanna have to build another house for 5 plants lol.I think when you read the post def over or under medicated.


Course there is a good chance I was over medicated when I wrote the post lol.


I’ve got the fruity mix pack to, I am growing 4 plants
In a 120 x 120 x 200 cm grow room, 1 of which is strawberry haze and my next grow i will be doing the blueberry, so I’m interested to see how you go, my strawberry kush is 5 weeks into flower incase you wanted to look


yeah would love to see where do I look like I said second grow so only really second time on the fourms?


I’ve just tagged you my friend


looks amazing so like I said only second grow first with good seeds I got 2 B.B Kush, I got 2 StrawB Kush, and 1 Pineapple Haze. My tent is 180x180x250 grow room I see what you mean about do I have enough room. I truly dont know now but I have just made the decision not to scrog I will do next time when I understand fully what the good genetics are gonna do for me. I apologize for lack of info on initial post I will get an exact list of everything i’m using and what is going on looks like you got it figured out my friend. Im uploading pics now of the setup and maybe that will help some.



Mostly just babies. this is less than a week into the grow I will get better pics and room picture for ya.


I have three plants in a 3x3, I guess you can get 5 in a 5x5 tent without too many issues.

The reason I asked is because you said you were “growing the fruity mix pack” which is either 15 or 30 seeds,

Just making sure, lol.

I have a SCROG’d Gold Leaf and two Autos in my 3x3 tent and thats about all I can get in there! @xxpain4uxx

I thought your user name looked familiar, we conversed a few times, earlier in the year. Welcome back!


thank you for remembering this is just my second grow with proper equipment and genetics so hoping good things will come of it.


don’t be shy about posting in your journal and ask questions, and you’ll do fine! I’m looking forward to riding along @xxpain4uxx


How long do you guys recommend vegging the plants for to be honest I have heard so many different things I got no autos so I will have to initiate flowering?


I know they are seedlings now but I think that will change in a week or so.


basically you let them veg as long as you want. You have to weigh any time constraints? Height in your grow room? How much room they have to grow? Basically they can double in size when they flower, so you have to make sure you have enough room. Most issues I see are that they get too tall!
Im a fan of at least 6-8 weeks of flowering, minimum!


SCROG or not should be determined by how high you can raise your lights. I know with a 400 watt HPS 14" distance from the plant is like full sunlight, With my grow room, I flipped to 12/12 when the plant was 21" high. It stopped stretching at 44", and 44"+14" is about as high as my light can go. So it worked out okay, but without a scrog all the rest of the buds are more than 14" from the light. Some a LOT more.

If I had done SCROG tucking and FIM, then all of my buds would be the same distance from the light. Next time…


So are you suggesting scrogging five plants in a 5x5x7ft tent cause i’m damn sure game and got more lights led and cpfl I got a co2 generator even but I have never done it and wouldn’t mind trying. I would need a lot of help probably.


You could just let them grow as they will, so you can see their natural form. But limit their height so they don’t overgrow your tent. If you switch photoperiod plants to 12/12 then they may double or triple in height depending on the strain.

I would put in a SCROG screen about 25" off the floor. Trouble is that unless you are Alice the Goon, you will have trouble reaching the branches in the back to tuck them under the screen. Unless your tent has a zipper in the back and you can get back there?

If not, leave an access hole in the middle of the front of one big screen so you can kneel in there and reach the back part of the screen. Then you put three plants along the back and one on either side in the front. I would use welded wire fence as your screen so it doesn’t mind the access hole.

What a problem to have: Your grow tent is just too damned big!