Fruit flavors of Mj?

I’ve always wanted to know this… ok so there is strawberry kush, blueberry, blackberry, pineapple, banana kush and more… does the smoke from these fruity strains taste like fruit? . or is just a breeders idea of a cool name for a strain?

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I think it might be a placebo, but I have had strains that were named after certain fruits and tasted like that fruit. It’s definitely not named that for no reason though. Citrus flavored MJ is obviously a thing but I believe as far as original/actual MJ flavors there is only a certain spectrum. I have read of people growing MJ with fruit plants to obtain a mixed flavor but I don’t know about all that.


I see… I guess I’ll have to try one for myself… not too long ago I splurged and bought some dro and after I ground it up it smelled like one of. those sweet fancy drinks from Starbucks… I thought it was just me but my buddy agreed as well

Growing Blueberry right now and what I can say about fruit strains is the aroma is close to the fruit but verdict isn’t in yet on smoke but mostly the names come from how the bud smells


Blackberry x blueberry been right at 6 weeks since I flipped the switch going into her third week since I saw a pre-flower she’s growing like hell … she right at 44 1/2 inches tall she has some beautiful small bud sites … she’s still growing … this plant has taught me a whole lot. For my first grow I think I’m doing well especially because all the help on this site.

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very nice plants you have there

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There’s a lot to take into account for one thing the device your smoking out of will have a big effect on your true flavor bongs will take some flavor out if dirty so will pipes. If your Temps get too high during growth it can cook the terpenes which are what makes the flavor, if not dried and cured properly can effect it. And like smoking a cigar or cigarette you will get the most of the flavor on the exhale so a nice smooth smoke will taste better than a harsh one. My favorite to smoke for taste is northern lights and sour diesel, but I haven’t tried any of the fruity flavors they have here just yet!


I agree with Allen, terpenes are what makes the taste and smell. Different strains carry different terpenoids. (I think that’s a word?)

They say that Terpinator (sp?) Enhances it, but I don’t know. Could just be a sales pitch. I’ve seen a terpene chart before, but I can’t remember where. Limonene is one that gives that citrus experience. The chart listed a huge spectrum of them.

I’ll see if I can find it again…

OK, I found some and you can choose which you like the best. So many to choose from! These are some that I liked…

Flavor is very important to me, so I’m trying to learn the best way to enhance it before the drying and curing.

Hope this helps…