Frozen Seeds Going to be Okay?

My precious Durban Poison seeds are out for delivery today (USPS,) but I may not get to them this evening. The forecast is for 6 degrees F tonight. Will it hurt the seeds to sit in the mailbox overnight if they do happen to get delivered today?

I don’t think that I would worry. One of the recommended methods of long term storage is refrigeration or freezing. If it’s that frigginn cold out, I believe that I would bring them in and put in refrigerator to acclimate

I actually just caught them on delivery 5 minutes after I posted. What timing, eh?

I’ll leave the post up though. Others might find it useful.

I’ve got seeds that have been In the freezer for around eight years. I plant some of them every year with success.

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Ive struggled with my seeds for awhile now. I buy them all from this site and never have trouble when they are germinated right after delivery. But anytime I wait til my next grow regardless of climate, darkness…i cant get my seeds to germinate. Ive tried multiple germination methods and nothing. Now i keep them in a airtight plastic baggie that they came in, in a small topped bowl, in about 40 degree climate… Im interested to see what germinates after my clones go into bloom in about 3 to 4 weeks. Ive got LA Confidental on my Grow list but no success with the seeds in the past. Think ive got 5 or 6 left!

Hello Repins,

I am new at growing from seed, but have grown for more than a decade. I’ve got five seedlings sprouted right now. They are oldies - Skywalker, Jack Herer, and Durban Poison. I planted six, so that’s pretty good and they only took four days to pop.

My grow spaces are small, so I need to store the rest of the collection (I might have gone a bit overboard, heh heh) for a while. Right now they are in our fridge, at 36 degrees or so. Does this sound right?

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That will work. I keep mine in an opaque medicine bottle (with a little bit of rice for humidity control) in the fridge. Set to 34*. Have 18 month old seeds that are still germinating just fine.

I got mine in an opaque vacuum type container for storing weed and keeping the smell from permeating from wherever you hide your stash. I keep it in the refrigerator like @BobbyDigital but instead of rice I have a few silica packs. The seeds are in packages so that the silica packs are not in contact with them. I too have a seed problem. I don’t think that I can grow all that I have accumulated :+1::v:

Well, I put the seed jar in the fridge at about 35 degrees the day before yesterday. Yesterday I pulled another Durban seed out and planted it in the same cup that didn’t sprout. I’m keeping them in an old Great White jar.

Now, I germinate with Sunshine Mix in transparent colored cups, on a seedling heat mat on top of a cloner tray and under a clear plastic dome. (I like the transparent cups, you can see the root development). This time I laid a nice layer of sifted mix down over the old stuff, then placed a seed on it and then a quarter inch of fine mix. I have a shop light over the table, on during the day, and misted it a few times with a sprayer of plain tap water.

That was yesterday morning. Much to my surprise the seed has sprouted, and is looking for light with it’s buddies on my grow room stand. I think the fridge treatment helped, but only one day? I am amazed. It was a nice big dark seed, that might have helped.


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