Frosty Banana Kush

My little banana kush is right at 10 weeks, showing many trikes, with just a few turning amber. Should I pull it up?


Man, that’s a good looking plant! I’m new, so I don’t wanna give you any wrong harvest advice. But, great job :+1:

Looks like all pistils are brown so it’s ready anytime


Nice looking Banana Kush, I’ve got 2 autos that are almost done as well. They are a very finicky type of plant but the smoke is super smooth and relaxing. My first one didn’t yield much but all the rest have been nice yielding plants. One of them has a bigger main cola than my forearm and fist and it doesn’t seem to want stop growing. That one also wound up sprouting a bunch of fox tails all over after I cut the co2 off and is super fluffy. Another one looked similar to yours and was covered in so much stigmas you could barely see the trics. This particular strain seems to be rather erratic but I will keep growing it until I have no more seed.

Great looking plant ya got as long as all trics are cloudy the amount of amber is all in preference to each grower I personally like a couch lock high as many call it so I shoot for 30% to 50% amber

Bravo! Get her drying and enjoy.

Thank you, every one! In the past, all I’ve managed to get was males. This is a rare treat for me.


If you don’t I’m sure someone would.

Looks nice and ready for sure.

Oh, yeah! You bet! Then I’ll just have to get some more seed!

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LOL! She’s a sheltered girl, and spends her days basking in the artificial sun.

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Thanks all, I was getting a little anxious about when to do the deed. For my next trick, 2bananas, and a gold leaf fem, so everyone lives by her dictates.

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