Frostbite Plant in the Midwest

I had a plant that I have keeping alive since around August September of last year. It is not very big, around a 2 feet tall. It was a branch that broke off of a bigger plant and just rooted it to see if I could and it took.
I live in Chicago Land area. I live on property out in the country and waiting for my house to be finished being built. So I am living in a RV. I came home from work and my heat was out. If you guys know anything about what happened this past week in Illinois, it got down to 25 below. With wind chills around 50 below.
I was planning on planting this plant outside in May (ish) of this coming year. IT is now all wilted, is it gone or can it be saved. I know a lot of times house plants can be saved after cold weather hits them.
I do have some seeds that I will be starting in a month or so, but just figured I would try this plant and see what happens with it.
Thank you for any and all help!

It’s worth a shot. I would probably warm it back up slowly and see what happens. A heating mat may he’ll too


Oh im warming it slowly. My furnace is only running about half the time.
I got a new one coming, its spose to be here sometime this weekend

Are the roots frozen??


Well the only thing you can do is see if it wakes back up when the temps are back up it’ll probably take a few weeks to recover


I think i just about have the problem fix in my rv. I was looking forward to seeing if this plant would be bigger than the others because of the head start.

As long the temps don’t get below 38° it should come back. Long story short I did some experiments on a male plant. Lol @Larry815

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it got down to -50 around here. The furnace is being replaced sometime this week, and for the most part it has been working ok.
It was just bad timing that the furnace went out, during the -50, normally i catch it if it goes out. Or it is atleast still around 40 when i get home. It has not been a problem in the past and i hope the new furnace fixes the problem.
I have the plant in the shower right now, were I think its a bit warmer, since it has a sun roof and is inclosed. the plant looks sad but i am watering it.

See above post… ^

As long as you bring it back to room temperature it should be fine. Might add some time to recover in the veg time.

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I am watering it and hoping for the best!

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