At what cold temperatures do to cannabis plants get destroyed as winter approaches. My outdoor White Widow crop is going ever so nicely thanks to Robert and all. With winter approaching, there is a strong possibility for a frost towards the end of the harvest season. Some sort of protective enclosing / covering is not feasible due to eye line site of neighbors. What overnight temperatures can the plants survive and what to do if it exceeds that limit?

We canot give you temperature beyond saying; Under 40 degrees is when cell damage occurs. If you are maintaining 50 degrees at night, you should be safe. On the other hand; Frost; Iss unpredictable. the only wat to make sure that you do not lose you crop to frost, is to pay attention to the weather report. Be diligent.

Misting with water is a way “Orange” farmers save crops. I would be prepared to cover tem with frost blankets, and remove them in the early morning. Otherwise; You will lose yield to frostbite.

“Cannabis can endure a light frosts near 32F (0C), but a hard frost or a light frost of any duration will nearly always result in death.” – Marijuana Botany by Robert Conell Clarke

The weather here in Ohio looks like it is going to turn for the worse nest week dropping into the 40’s I would hate to have to pull my plants so early , they are doing fine so far !

Cell damage generates at a high rate when you drop to 40 degrees, and below. Considering the value of MMJ; I again, advise you to protect your plants

Massachusetts has clos to the same weather. I just purchased these on Amazon to be put on at night and removed in the morning under cover of darkness.

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I just noticed that my top buds on one of my plants is about the size of a roma tomato , I am going to cut them off today as suggested in one of your articles to try to sennd more nutrients to the lower ones , I am going to hold off as long as possible before I HAVE to harvest them , I hate having to harvest early !! Those top buds on one of my plants is sweeeeet !!

I just got doing the same with mine. topped them and keeping a very close eye on them now the weather has been crazzzy here. This is my first and it’s looking pretty good so far.Just want to say thanks to everyone here, made my first grow great. Can not wait. :sunglasses:

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