Frost/freeze damage: Can my plants be saved?

I was growing 3 large plants in pots outside. Two GDP and a Harlequin. Unexpected cold and very windy weather on Halloween collapsed my cold frame and the plants are now in a temporary sunny room while I try to turn my spare bedroom into a grow room.

The plants are in different stages of flowering, but definitely not ready to harvest. The top foot or two on the two taller ones (7’ high) are withered and look half dead, the Harlequin looking the worst. The lower parts look stressed, but will likely survive. The short bushy one (GDP) lost several branches (sob) but I think he’ll make it.

I’ll be moving them into the room tomorrow. Here’s my questions:

  1. Should I continue with a12/12 light cycle? Or, are they too stressed too finish the flowering stage? I really don’t want to re-veg, but I don’ want to lose them, either. I’ve done some autoflowers, but this is my first photoperiod grow, and I thought I’d be curing by now.

  2. What about nutes? I’ve been using FF and they’ve been getting Tiger Bloom only for a few weeks. Do they need additional supplements to speed recovery?

  3. Should I cut the top parts off, or will that just cause additional stress and trigger more veg growth? Will there ay point in harvesting flowers that haven’t matured?

I am stressed out and I would be eternally grateful for some advice from anyone who has successfully dealt with a similar situation.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

Patti D

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Welcome to the forum! I don’t have to deal with frost or freezing so I’ll tag @ladithief here - I think he’s dealt with frost and feeding :wink:

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Thank you. The “kids” are settling into their makeshift grow room while I work on the lighting. For now I’ll be watching and waiting.

If you dont want to reveg keep the lights at 12/12. They’ve been stressed pretty good from the sound of it. Generally speaking I’d keep nutes and all at what they’re used to and give them a couple days to see what recoups and what doesn’t. I dont think freeze damage is recoverable so keep a close eye on the damaged parts. Give them some chill time. That’s probably enough stress to possibly cause one or more to hermie. Keep an eye out. @Covertgrower @Hellraiser will know more than I do.


Yes, but pictures help.

Continue with the schedule

I don’t know, maybe? Pictures really help.


Thanks for responding, Covertgrower. I’ve been going on instinct so far and it’s reassuring to get your affirmation. My top priority has been to do no further harm, so I’ve tried to replicate their previous conditions: 12/12, fed this morning, heat vent closed and window open a crack, and no pruning yet.

Here are a few photos. Forgive the quality, the room is small and crowded.

Plant #1 (Harley)

Plant #2 (GDP Jr.)

Plant #3 (GDP Sr.)

The first two plants took a hard hit, but there are still numerous branches with flowers that may still mature. The third one has some scattered leaf damage and a few broken branches, but could still fully recover with some TLC.

I welcome any further input or suggestions from you, and thank you for your help’


Wow, kdawg! I was so busy freaking out over losing potential bud, hermies never even crossed my mind. I’ll definitely keep a watchful eye.


Looks like your doing all the right things. These plants are more resilent than most. Hoping for the best outcome! Keep us updated.:pray::100::+1::v:


Thanks, kdawg, for the encouraging words. I’m a lifelong gardener and former MG. I thought I knew a lot, but with these plants I’m finding out how much I have to learn.

Nice to have this forum and people willing to help each other. By the time I get this setback behind me, I’ll have a whole new volume of knowledge and experience for the next batch.


Moving from outside to inside growing is a whole new learning curve. What was left to mother nature outside needs to now be controlled inside. Every aspect. That’s why I like growing inside. There’s many more variables I can keep in check lol. This community is a great place to learn the details! :+1::v:

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It does look like extensive damage to the one plant. Keep feeding and watering it, and it might come back around. If the leaves get crispy, that’s all she wrote.

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